My Crazy Life…..part one

Man Alive, I haven’t blogged for ages and ages but I have an amazing excuse….I moved house and it wasn’t just a drama, it was an Argentinian Telenovela drama. Yup, that’s quite dramatic. In order to not rehash the story for the seven millionth time, I am going to do a probably very long short, bullet pointed version. You’re welcome.

1. I arrange for the movers to come to my house at 11am on Saturday
2. 10am on Saturday they cancel
3. I call a million people who all want a thousand euros and my first born child to move me
4. I find someone at a reasonable price who will move me on Sunday morning at 7am (yes, that is not a typo)
5. I go to dinner at my friend’s house and get home at 5am
6. I get up and move house in 45 minutes
7. I nap for an hour
8. I meet my old landlords to hand over keys, get deposit and three of them turn up thinking I will be alone, try to bully me, make up lots of lies and try to find things wrong with the flat so they can keep my money all because I am moving out.

End of bullet points here so I can rant, and the title of said rant is ‘WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?’

My contract ended. I lived for five and a half months with water leaking in and they didn’t fix it. The window doesn’t shut properly and so it is freezing. Therefore, I decided to move. Because of this they decided that they would become what I can only describe as ‘disgusting people’ and try and treat me like absolute crap. I don’t even want to write down some of the things they said to me and how badly they acted but more than anything, it is the fact that they turned up with an extra person thinking I would be alone. Thank goodness for my friend who came with me is all I can say……

So……that was last weekend but I am now in my super duper, modern, non leaking, beautiful new apartment and I sense the beginning of a new stage in my life. So many things are different but that is for the next post……….

Happy Thursday everyone!


Have you had any terrible landlord experiences?


6 thoughts on “My Crazy Life…..part one

  1. Awful and so typical. We rented off a ‘sweet’ old couple for a couple of years and when we left the house, they did a full inspection, passed it and said cheque for deposit would be in the post. Of course, it never arrived and they then said they had to make numerous repairs as we had left the house in a state. Luckily I’d taken photos and used them when I took them to court and got the money back…and they had to pay costs ha ha!
    The whole deposit thing is such a nightmare. Best of luck in your new place.

  2. Would you like some boys from Glasgow to visit your landlord for a wee friendly chat? Of course, they would have no Spanish, so the conversation part might be short. Just saying……..

  3. Natalie, you crack me up! Only an amazingly strong and talented person can turn a nightmare like this into comedy. Thank you for making me smile. I’m glad you’re nicely settled in a new home. x

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