My Crazy Life – Part Two

It will probably also be the last part although I do like to do things in threes so who knows…….

I want to talk about the juice detox (again). More specifically, how it has changed my way of eating and drinking since I finished it rather than my experience at the time. Before the detox, like many women I think, I had a tendency to eat things even when I wasn’t hungry or to have that extra glass of wine even though I maybe didn’t really want it. When I was feeling grumpy, p*ssed off in general, sad etc I would tend to play the ‘open the fridge, close the fridge’ game. People have been saying it for years: ‘don’t use food as comfort’ but that is much easier said than done. However, since I finished the juicing detox and spent 7 days only drinking juices something inside my brain seems to have clicked. During those 7 days I couldn’t eat anything. I would think ‘oh, I’m really bored, I’ll eat’ but then I would remember I couldn’t and I would have to find a more productive way to get rid of my boredom. This applied to all feelings in general. Plus, when doing the detox you are not mean to do exercise and so you cannot use that as an outlet either – you are forced to deal with anything that is bothering you, you can’t hide your feelings or dampen them down with a square of chocolate, glass of wine or anything else that may occur to you.

As soon as the detox finished and I could eat again I ONLY wanted the food that I genuinely really wanted. WTF? Yes, it doesn’t make much sense…what I mean is that if I was in a bar with my friend and we got a biscuit with our coffee, back in the olden days I would have eaten it. No question of that. Now, if I don’t ‘fancy’ a biccie or I am full I just won’t eat it and instead of ‘trying’ not to eat it but looking at it every five minutes I just plain old don’t want it and forget it is there. But when I want something, I really want it and I thoroughly enjoy it. Like magic. It just ‘happened’ when my detox ended. Maybe it is a miracle, maybe there is a great psychological reason for it or maybe it is magic and later I will fly home on my (golden) unicorn. All I know is that things are different now and in a good way and I am putting it all down to the magic of detoxing…….long may it continue.


Did you ever feel like something just suddenly made more sense to you?


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