She strives for mediocrity
And always achieves her goals
She laughs and smiles and plays nice
Because she knows the roles
She needs to play
To be the person that others see.
She hopes and dreams and
Tidies them away under lock and key
And she is only proud of the person she could be.

Every road she takes, she meets herself
Standing in her way
With a basket full of doubts and fears,
Sadness and insecurity.
She side steps, twists and turns
But in the end can’t flee.
So she turns around and heads right back
To mediocrity.


Bloody Mary? Don’t mind if I do…..

Good Morning World! Or afternoon I should say since it is now 1.30. I slept so well last night and I was completely in need of it. After starting running again every lunchtime plus doing Crossfit my body was absolutely exhausted! I have only been back to the Crossfit 1 -2 a week but needed to be sensible and let my body adjust. Next week I will go three times a week plus all the running and I’m really looking forward to it – I loooooooove Crossfit and I have missed it…..awwwwww.

So, last night was a dinner at my friends and it was delicious as usual plus there was a tonne of wine (as usual) and this morning when I opened the fridge I thought ‘CHA CHING…….Bloody Mary as my juice this morning!’ So that is exactly what I made ( a virgin version of course ) and it was delicious – five tomatoes, half a lemon, two stalks of celery, black pepper and Worcester sauce. Yum yum yum. It doesn’t look too appealing I suppose – I never thought the tomato juice would be that greeny, clear colour (makes me slightly concerned about what is in shop bought tomato juice) – but it was really nice! I strongly recommend it to everyone and hey, if you wanna de-virgin yours go right ahead, it is the weekend after all!

Happy Saturday!



Check out the Pulp Muffins


Am I, or am I not, a genius? Well, not really since it was actually Lolly’s idea but I helped…that surely has to count for something?

So I have been AWOL for a while while my big sis was visiting for Easter and we had such a great time. Lolly is a great runner (and generally a fitness maniac – think energizer bunny that never charges down) and so we went out running every single morning that she was here. Yup, that’s right – even on our holidays we got up and went out to the park for a run and while at the time I would say it was somewhat torturous, when we finished I felt great (and then we drank loads of wine). It makes a massive difference to have someone with you who is a really good motivator I think and in three days I chopped a minute off my time…check me right out! I am developing a new love (kind of) for beginning to run again. Instead of the traditional thoughts before/during a run of ‘oh man, this is going to be awful’ ‘this is so hard, how am I ever going to be able to run further than this’ ‘did someone put glue on the soles of my shoes?’ etc etc I now have the following thoughts (and thank you Pinterest for this)




I just have to remember that even if it is hard, if I keep going I will get better and what seems hard now will one day be much easier and progress should be slow and steady! So if I have an awful run, or if it seems like somehow I slipped through a black hole and am actually now running in hell, I try to remember that tomorrow is a new day and in a week from now I will be better! Ohhhh goodness…so much positivity for one blog post high FIVE!

So anyway, I have digressed as usual. I wanted to share our pulp recipe with you all. It isn’t rocket science and to be honest we basically just chucked a load of stuff in Mixie (food processor) and hoped for the best but sometimes randomness works out for the best and they are AMAZING. Here is what we did…..

Emptied pulp from juicer into Mixie (carrot, apple, celery, baby gem lettuce, ginger, broccoli)
Added 3 cups of wholemeal flour
A sachet of baking powder
7 cloves of garlic
A tonne of black pepper
About 2 teaspoons of cumin
About 2 teaspoons of curry powder
A sprinkling of rock salt
Two small pots of fat free sour cream
One egg

We then mixed it all together, put it in little silicon cases and cooked them for about 45 minutes at 180 and they are super duperly delicious……I personally plan to make some hummus later so I can have one with the hummus for brekkie tomorrow a couple of hours after my juice. Highly recommendable.

I hope you make them. I hope you love them.

Now, I must watch Suits. Harvey is waiting for me.


Another Week of Running, Sister Visit, Wine and Food

The title pretty much says it all….I am a little AWOL because I am hanging out with my big sis Lolly who came to visit for the Easter holidays! We are having a great time of (as mentioned above) running, drinking wine, more wine and eating. Oh, and we also made pulp crackers (delicious) and pulp muffins (garlic party in your mouth)…. Recipe to come soon……

Happy holidays!


A Week of Running

Well hello there! I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while but I have had a really stressful last two days so everything feels like much longer ago than it really was – my week has officially been in slow motion. However, that is all done now and it is Saturday! Yippeeee! And the weird thing? I went to bed at 11.30 last night. On a Friday night. I am now sitting on my (very comfy may I say) sofa waiting for the internet man to come and instal my fibre. I suspect there is a good chance I may still be sitting here in two hours they are that reliable.

And now to the point of my blogging today: I started running again. Under strict orders from my physio to go running everyday I started to go at lunchtime with my work friend and I am loving it. Ok, not so much at the time because it is a very hilly area but when it is over I am thrilled. It is great really because I wanted to get back into running and this has forced me to do it, plus I do it at lunch so I don’t need anymore time after work and I have company. What more could a girl want? The best part is – my ankle seems fine (touch wood). I have even been adding in dance class and Crossfit at night and so far so good. So high five to you running and to you ankle for supporting me so well!

Now I must bake a cake. Yes, really.

Happy Saturday everyone! What are your plans?


Check out my jars…..

No no……not those jars…these ones……


Cool huh? Ok, not really but they are at least kind of cute no? I can tell that I am getting older now (aside from the having birthdays and, you know, actually getting older) because I love looking at kitchen appliances and things for organising my cupboards. Take me to the home section of any shop and I will spend hours browsing through all the ‘really cool’ things I could buy and I don’t even feel any urge to pretend that I don’t find it as much fun as shoe shopping – and if you could see how many pairs of shoes I own you would know that I really like kitchen ware shopping. Anyway….the point of this post is to brag about the bargain jars I bought and how cute they are! Twelve jars for eight euro….I think that is pretty good myself and who cares if they are really meant for keeping jam in, I am keeping all kinds of things in mine which makes them much more exciting…..ok, not exciting at all……time for me to get out more maybe…..

But tomorrow I will be sharing the recipe below with you all so please don’t in follow me just because of one lousy post…..people deserve second chances you know…….



Hope you had a good Monday!


Am I alone in my love of kitchen stuff or are there any other losers super cool people out there?

Ow, Ow and more Ow

Well well well…….let me start by saying that I am in agony. Yesterday I was all smug and ‘check me out, hardcore Crossfit class after 7 weeks of nothing and I am fiiiine’ and now I think even my hair hurts. I had to squat down to plug in my laptop and I was quite concerned I may need to call 112 (999 or 911 to the rest of the world) and envisaged the embarrassment of a call that went like this:

‘112, which emergency service do you need?’
‘Ehhh, not sure….Fire Brigade?’
‘Is there a fire miss?’
‘Hmmm, not really…not unless my thighs burning counts?’
‘I don’t understand. What seems to be the problem?’
‘I squatted down and I can’t get back up….maybe you could send a strong, hot man to help me?’
‘Please do not waste our time. There are other phone lines you can call for this kind of thing’


I shall be trying to not drop anything for the next few days and then if I do, seriously contemplating how much I really need to pick it up and if I do, I will be bending from the waist very much like George Michael danced when he was in Wham.

Now I must go to the gym and run for 15 minutes as ordered by my physio. I have just bought a Jhené Aiko song that I love called The Worst which I plan to listen to on repeat while I run.

This will be followed by my first dance class since the ankle injury.

HIP HOP dancing……*sigh of joy*

Happy Saturday kids!


What’s your favourite work out song at the moment?