Crossfit YESSSSSSSS and delicious juice!


I am a genius! but more of that later…….

Yes, finally after seven weeks of doing hee haw (as we like to say in Scotland….means not a damn thing) I finally got approval from my physio to go back to Crossfit.


I was quite excited and, not gonna lie, crapping myself. Seven weeks of nothing and then whaaaa bam…..straight into a hard core WOD (because when are they ever not hardcore) and I wasn’t worried about my ankle – I was worried about having a heart attack. I mean, in those seven weeks I did complete a detox but then the last two weeks I also ate and drank a lot…and I’m Scottish so you know I don’t just mean two large glasses of wine…..well….does anyone watch Cougar Town? Big Joe? Not following me? (Google). However, I was pleasantly surprised: don’t get me wrong, at one point my heart was beating so fast I was sure it thought it was at a rave and the thought of one more wallclimb was making it dance faster but I finished both WODs and….before the time was up! Unfortunately, I do feel like I’ve lost some strength but that is to be expected I suppose……so I am only going back twice a week for now until I get into my rhythm again – the last thing I want to do is go hell for leather and end up out of the game again. So mental high fives please everyone! Up high! That’s right….we rock!


When I got back from Crossfit I started to clean the house like a mad lady and suddenly realised I was hungry and I really wanted a delicious smoothie. And I invented the most yummy smoothie ever! That’s right…I said ever!. This is what it looked like in my nice blender:


It is a lot of spinach, a frozen banana, two kiwis, spirulina, a pot of bio yogurt and…..the thing that made it so genius……a sprinkling of coconut!

WHY, WHY OH WHY have I never thought of that before? I feel like I just realised my full smoothie making potential and once I’ve finished this blog entry I’m going to update my CV to reflect this miracle. Have another look and imagine the delicious smoothie party you could have in your mouth if you copied me……..


Break out the streamers and silly hats.


What’s the most delightful thing you ever invented?


2 thoughts on “Crossfit YESSSSSSSS and delicious juice!

  1. I was drawn to your blog for the mere reason that you mentioned Scotland. I live in the States but my husband has family in Kinbrace. I also will give this smoothie recipe a try…….

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