Ow, Ow and more Ow

Well well well…….let me start by saying that I am in agony. Yesterday I was all smug and ‘check me out, hardcore Crossfit class after 7 weeks of nothing and I am fiiiine’ and now I think even my hair hurts. I had to squat down to plug in my laptop and I was quite concerned I may need to call 112 (999 or 911 to the rest of the world) and envisaged the embarrassment of a call that went like this:

‘112, which emergency service do you need?’
‘Ehhh, not sure….Fire Brigade?’
‘Is there a fire miss?’
‘Hmmm, not really…not unless my thighs burning counts?’
‘I don’t understand. What seems to be the problem?’
‘I squatted down and I can’t get back up….maybe you could send a strong, hot man to help me?’
‘Please do not waste our time. There are other phone lines you can call for this kind of thing’


I shall be trying to not drop anything for the next few days and then if I do, seriously contemplating how much I really need to pick it up and if I do, I will be bending from the waist very much like George Michael danced when he was in Wham.

Now I must go to the gym and run for 15 minutes as ordered by my physio. I have just bought a Jhené Aiko song that I love called The Worst which I plan to listen to on repeat while I run.

This will be followed by my first dance class since the ankle injury.

HIP HOP dancing……*sigh of joy*

Happy Saturday kids!


What’s your favourite work out song at the moment?


2 thoughts on “Ow, Ow and more Ow

  1. No pain, no gain! Of course there is a more qualitative analysis which says: how much pain for how much gain? Personally, I endorse your ‘go for it, get the pain over in a oner’ approach. Who needs three weeks of moderate pain instead of one week of agony? Wimps! Am I right?

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