Check out my jars…..

No no……not those jars…these ones……


Cool huh? Ok, not really but they are at least kind of cute no? I can tell that I am getting older now (aside from the having birthdays and, you know, actually getting older) because I love looking at kitchen appliances and things for organising my cupboards. Take me to the home section of any shop and I will spend hours browsing through all the ‘really cool’ things I could buy and I don’t even feel any urge to pretend that I don’t find it as much fun as shoe shopping – and if you could see how many pairs of shoes I own you would know that I really like kitchen ware shopping. Anyway….the point of this post is to brag about the bargain jars I bought and how cute they are! Twelve jars for eight euro….I think that is pretty good myself and who cares if they are really meant for keeping jam in, I am keeping all kinds of things in mine which makes them much more exciting…..ok, not exciting at all……time for me to get out more maybe…..

But tomorrow I will be sharing the recipe below with you all so please don’t in follow me just because of one lousy post…..people deserve second chances you know…….



Hope you had a good Monday!


Am I alone in my love of kitchen stuff or are there any other losers super cool people out there?


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