A Week of Running

Well hello there! I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while but I have had a really stressful last two days so everything feels like much longer ago than it really was – my week has officially been in slow motion. However, that is all done now and it is Saturday! Yippeeee! And the weird thing? I went to bed at 11.30 last night. On a Friday night. I am now sitting on my (very comfy may I say) sofa waiting for the internet man to come and instal my fibre. I suspect there is a good chance I may still be sitting here in two hours they are that reliable.

And now to the point of my blogging today: I started running again. Under strict orders from my physio to go running everyday I started to go at lunchtime with my work friend and I am loving it. Ok, not so much at the time because it is a very hilly area but when it is over I am thrilled. It is great really because I wanted to get back into running and this has forced me to do it, plus I do it at lunch so I don’t need anymore time after work and I have company. What more could a girl want? The best part is – my ankle seems fine (touch wood). I have even been adding in dance class and Crossfit at night and so far so good. So high five to you running and to you ankle for supporting me so well!

Now I must bake a cake. Yes, really.

Happy Saturday everyone! What are your plans?



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