Bloody Mary? Don’t mind if I do…..

Good Morning World! Or afternoon I should say since it is now 1.30. I slept so well last night and I was completely in need of it. After starting running again every lunchtime plus doing Crossfit my body was absolutely exhausted! I have only been back to the Crossfit 1 -2 a week but needed to be sensible and let my body adjust. Next week I will go three times a week plus all the running and I’m really looking forward to it – I loooooooove Crossfit and I have missed it…..awwwwww.

So, last night was a dinner at my friends and it was delicious as usual plus there was a tonne of wine (as usual) and this morning when I opened the fridge I thought ‘CHA CHING…….Bloody Mary as my juice this morning!’ So that is exactly what I made ( a virgin version of course ) and it was delicious – five tomatoes, half a lemon, two stalks of celery, black pepper and Worcester sauce. Yum yum yum. It doesn’t look too appealing I suppose – I never thought the tomato juice would be that greeny, clear colour (makes me slightly concerned about what is in shop bought tomato juice) – but it was really nice! I strongly recommend it to everyone and hey, if you wanna de-virgin yours go right ahead, it is the weekend after all!

Happy Saturday!




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