Something Wicked This Way Comes & Why Writers Could Be in Great Danger

An interesting blog post by Kristen Lamb. I personally think being overly politically correct is building walls where there would be none and creating more problems and this…well… and see how you feel about it but I am with Kristen.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image courtesy of Raymond Brown via Flickr Creative Commons Image courtesy of Raymond Brown via Flickr Creative Commons

Today, we are going to take a bit of a sideline from our acrostic. Over the holiday weekend, I was resting up from a nasty bout of bronchitis and puttering around Facebook. I’ve been long frustrated with this new culture of “Everyone’s a Winner.” Back in 2005, my young nephew was in soccer. I recall being horrified that everyone received a trophy.

What was the point for working harder? What gain did it give my nephew that I ran extra drills with him after school and off the practice field? He “won” the same trophy as the kid who showed for one game out of the season.

Trying is all that matters.

Deep. Deep. Never mind the TYPO. The person “tried.”

We see all over the news where schools are attempting to cancel Honors events because those kids who didn’t achieve honors…

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What? Juicing Again?

Yup…that’s right folks, I am now doing a three day juice detox. Now I…I would have done seven days again but my folks are here and all I could convince them on was three days.

It’s because of the wine.

Or lack thereof. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it would seem. (Grape doesn’t fall far from the vine) Good news for me though because, well, I love wine and delicious food and what could possibly be bad about that?

If any of you actually have an answer to that you are officially dead to me. Honestly, I am actually afraid of people who don’t like wine and delicious food but thank goodness that doesn’t mean they won’t leave me alone like when cats know you don’t like them, or small children.

Anyway, yes, juicing….I was talking about the juicing. And here to finish off my random ramblings are some pictures that, whilst maybe not very appetising to look at, tasted delicious.

Happy Tuesday kids!




Race against Breast Cancer

It kind of sounds like ‘contestant One, ready…’ , ‘gladiator cancer, ready…’ I wasn’t actually racing against cancer exactly. Oh, you know what I mean…..


That is me after the run with my lovely assistant Anna or Mama as I like to call her. For the non Spanish speakers it says ‘Today the girls win’. It was my first race in about 7 years and was a wee 7,3km. I absolutely loved it and now am planning my 10km race.

The only thing about a ‘fun run’ that I would complain about is so many people were walking and stopping to take photos that it took 31 minutes to get over the start line, to the half way point and 16 from the mid point to the end. A slight discrepancy there me thinks, either that or I am actually superwoman.

Now for additional proof: Here I am before……


And here I am after………


No really, that is me, definitely NOT An aubergine in a pink t shirt with trainers on. I swear. I have this terrible condition you see that as soon as I do more than five minutes of exercise I pass immediately from ‘normal’ coloured to a deep purple colour. I am sure many a person in the gym has considered approaching me to ask if I had forgotten to take my heart medication but thought better of it to avoid being covered in the sweat shower I leave behind as I run or for fear it may actually be a contagious condition. It’s not, by the way. As far as I am aware……

Anyway… for charity -CHECK.

Apart from that where have I been! I hear you cry! I have fallen in to a deep and all consuming obsession with the TV show Suits. I apologise and fully intend to be back to regular blogging from now on.

Happy Friday kids!