What? Juicing Again?

Yup…that’s right folks, I am now doing a three day juice detox. Now I…I would have done seven days again but my folks are here and all I could convince them on was three days.

It’s because of the wine.

Or lack thereof. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it would seem. (Grape doesn’t fall far from the vine) Good news for me though because, well, I love wine and delicious food and what could possibly be bad about that?

If any of you actually have an answer to that you are officially dead to me. Honestly, I am actually afraid of people who don’t like wine and delicious food but thank goodness that doesn’t mean they won’t leave me alone like when cats know you don’t like them, or small children.

Anyway, yes, juicing….I was talking about the juicing. And here to finish off my random ramblings are some pictures that, whilst maybe not very appetising to look at, tasted delicious.

Happy Tuesday kids!





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