Happy Summer Juice

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm, this is what I am drinking this morning, made by the lovely Mama….


4 oranges
1 beetroot
1 lemon
Chunk of ginger

It made the two yummy juices ( by the time I thought to take a picture I had already been sipping away, happy as Larry)

what juice are you drinking this Sunday?

Today I am sad cos my Dad has left but I am also happy because I got to spend two months with him and now I will get to see him again at Xmas! Yippeeeee.

I may go for a nice stroll along the river in the sunshine now….who knows? The world is my oyster.

Happy Sunday!



Eat, Drink and Spin

It would seem I am a very busy lady these days although I am not entirely sure what it is exactly that I have been doing that has taken up so much time. Probably because it was a lot of this:


And this:


And recently less of this:


Terrible red faced selfie -I am actually completely in favour of selfies but definitely not of taking them in the mirror however, I got back from a very good run at work a couple of weeks ago and since I was wearing my ‘today I will kill it’ t-shirt I thought why not? Go ahead Natalie, take that annoying and far from attractive mirror selfie. You are welcome readers.

(Just to be clear I killed the run, not a living thing…seems obvious but some people are crazy so I thought I better just make that distinction)

So basically, my lack of running is because two weeks ago I went out running and when I got to 4.5km my calf had a hissy fit. The result of its little strop was that I had to limp back to the office and have not been able to run since. Now, my initial reaction was to huff. To go in a giant cream puff of a huff and throw all my toys out my pram. Oh wait, that is what I did! However, I then got over it after a little family pep talk and have joined the budget gym near my house and today was my first day at spin class. I do not enjoy spinning that is for sure but it is good for keeping your fitness up and it will do while I get back into running slowly…..(huff huff huff). They also have really good free weights so I am going to work on my squats (squats hate me) and try to practice pull ups so I can KILL IT (at Crossfit – again, just to be clear).

Happy Every Day – today that I have only paid 80€ for a really good gym for three months! Bargain.

Yesterday I was happy because I had Sunday lunch with the family 🙂

Right……time for bed!

Happy Monday!


What do you do when you get injured?

Happy Every Day 10

Oops…..I skipped a couple of days of being happy although I was actually happy, just also very busy!

Today I am happy cos I am baking! My own granola and plantain chips…mmmmm yum yum yum. Recipe to follow!

Also…it is my Mamas birthday and we are spending the day all together and then going for dinner….just missing my sister but I will see her soon in Norway!

Happy Every Day 7&8

Ufffff, how could I have been so busy on a Monday that I didn’t post my happy thought………?

Well, I was chilling with my Gramps, that’s why. Strolling, drinking a GnT, watching Sherlock and laughing. Lots of reasons to be happy.

Today I am posting so late cos I was with my friend helping her with secret wedding stuff……more reasons to be happy…..

Now I just need to get Channing Tatum to talk to me about our wedding plans and life will be perfect