Running for MS

Oh, I have been gone for some time but life is just, well, life and getting in the way of me sitting down and typing. It has also been getting in the way of my Shemar Moore/Criminal Minds obsession which, clever old me, brings me nicely to my topic for the day.

HOT MEN. No, just kidding….although I may make that the theme of tomorrow’s post. Today’s topic is running and MS.

How does that relate to Shemar Webster, sorry..Moore, I hear you ask. Well, Shemar Moore’s Mother has Multiple Sclerosis and he has a line of clothing called Baby Girl that he sells to raise money for MS research. The clothes come in all sizes and colours, as do the women he uses to model them. Basically the man is a god. If he was British he would deserve a knighthood. He raises money for charity and in doing so makes all the women that buy his line of clothing feel empowered and good about themselves whether they are a size 0 or a size 20. Check out his web site here

I have not yet bought anything from the website but plan to get a super comfy t-shirt in purple asap. However, I have done something for MS and that was run a 10km in Casa de Campo (huge park in Madrid) last Saturday. Not only did I run 10km, I did it at 9am. Yes NINE AM. I got up at 7am on a Saturday morning and then later turned water into wine. Actually, that second part isn’t true, I can only do one miracle a day.

Here I am with my big sis and friend before the race:


And here I am after:


You may think I don’t look too happy and that is because I wanted to do it in under 59 minutes but we finished in 1.01.10. So I moaned a little (lot) and then my sister gave me a lecture and now I am quite proud of myself. You see, the first person across the finish line took 34 minutes, which is pretty slow for a professional runner and it was because of the giant, giganta, hugemungously enormousness of the hills. Therefore, I am now the PROUD owner of a ‘corre por la esclorosis multiple’ t-shirt and am currently looking for my next race.

If anyone would like to donate new ankles and knees to me that would be great, thanks.

And that, as they say in the cartoons, is all folks!

Happy Friday, may it be full of fun and vino!



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