Hello kids!

How are we all on this sunny Monday afternoon? I am exhausted because I had a full on weekend of eating my own bodyweight in Argentinean meat fresh off the grill on Friday night (and washing it down with a tonne of wine all with the most enjoyable company of my folks and my Grampa) then my mates hen do on Saturday night where I dressed like this:



Basically we all dressed as pirates and drank a lot…happy days

Isn’t this blog meant to be about healthy eating and sport amongst other things?

It is but steak is clean eating and everyone needs a bit of deliciousness every now and then (lemon meringue pie)

Now, without further ado or any kind of link from one topic to another…..a girl I am friends with on Facebook has been doing an interesting thing with a 100happydays hashtag, whereby everyday she posts something happy. Not rocket science that one is it really? you’d probably have figured it out on your own but hey, it’s Monday – not everyone will be on their A game. I really love the idea. Not the hashtag part because I’m not sure how I feel about the seventy nine point eight billion trillion hashtags I see everywhere (#getwiththetimesWebster) but the idea is really cool. When I thought about it I realised that while I am a very cheery person I do do quite a lot of moaning and with all the things that have been happening in the world recently to women it is just not on. I have NOTHING to moan about and EVERYTHING to be happy about. I am not saying I don’t have days where things go wrong and I want to throw something against a wall but I have not been abducted, raped, hung from a tree, sentenced to death for marrying a Christian, stoned by my family and the list goes on. So my ankle hurts one day and I can’t run? I bet I still had delicious juice for breakfast or laughed with my friends or sat next to a hottie on the metro. Therefore, from now on I will post one thing that has made me happy every day. Even if it is just one line. I should remember how lucky I am more often and if I’m forced to do it (not that someone is currently holding a gun to my head and making me type, although I do work well under pressure…) then I think it might make me more aware of all the good things around me.

Well that is my theory and I am going to give it a whirl so without anymore rambling I hereby announce the commencement of the non-hashtag happyeveryday hashtag.

Game on!

what good thing happened to you today?
I got a super cool bday card for my Dad!


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