White Wine, Green Juice, Pink Nails



I don’t know about where you are but here there is perfect blue sky and at the moment it is about 25 degrees and by lunchtime will be 35 and I will be absolutely roasting. I don’t know how I will cope (again) in July when it is 43 some days! (I’ll drink beer outside on the terrace is what I’ll do). So in honour of the mega sunshine I decided to do my nails bubblegum pink this morning. Actually, I drank green juice while my mum painted my nails – genius maneuvering on my part if I do day so myself although last night we went to my favourite bar and drank quite a lot of white wine so it is really a miracle she painted my nails and not my entire finger (her hand was a little unsteady at points and I regretted not having made us bloody marys). However they turned out quite well I think and are nice and summery which was the main idea.

So….enough rambling….here is what I grabbed out of the fridge this morning for the juicing:


And here is how my RANDOM SUNDAY JUICE turned out:

warning: it looks much less tasty than it actually was.



I am such a small child. I love the hands and make everyone shake my ‘hand’ when I use it, or I ask if they’d ‘like a hand?’ Yes, loser, I know but what can I say…..I find it really amusing.

Right, I must drink my coffee now and get ready for lunch. More wine? Oh no, what a disaster.

Happy Sunday!



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