Eat, Drink and Spin

It would seem I am a very busy lady these days although I am not entirely sure what it is exactly that I have been doing that has taken up so much time. Probably because it was a lot of this:


And this:


And recently less of this:


Terrible red faced selfie -I am actually completely in favour of selfies but definitely not of taking them in the mirror however, I got back from a very good run at work a couple of weeks ago and since I was wearing my ‘today I will kill it’ t-shirt I thought why not? Go ahead Natalie, take that annoying and far from attractive mirror selfie. You are welcome readers.

(Just to be clear I killed the run, not a living thing…seems obvious but some people are crazy so I thought I better just make that distinction)

So basically, my lack of running is because two weeks ago I went out running and when I got to 4.5km my calf had a hissy fit. The result of its little strop was that I had to limp back to the office and have not been able to run since. Now, my initial reaction was to huff. To go in a giant cream puff of a huff and throw all my toys out my pram. Oh wait, that is what I did! However, I then got over it after a little family pep talk and have joined the budget gym near my house and today was my first day at spin class. I do not enjoy spinning that is for sure but it is good for keeping your fitness up and it will do while I get back into running slowly…..(huff huff huff). They also have really good free weights so I am going to work on my squats (squats hate me) and try to practice pull ups so I can KILL IT (at Crossfit – again, just to be clear).

Happy Every Day – today that I have only paid 80€ for a really good gym for three months! Bargain.

Yesterday I was happy because I had Sunday lunch with the family 🙂

Right……time for bed!

Happy Monday!


What do you do when you get injured?


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