Deadlifts and dead shoulders

Ok….I have abandoned Crossfit a bit recently, mainly because I was on holiday and couldn’t afford to pay for a month. Sad but true. Plus I had my many injuries but I started back last week nice and slowly…..I am only doing twice a week because I don’t want to go mad and get another injury to add to my collection. And today we did deadlifts which are my favourite.

Every 30 seconds the clock beeped and I had to do ONE lift. They went like this:

40-60-70-75-80-85-90-100. Kilos of course.

When you couldn’t do it you had to run back to the 40kilo bar and do as many deadlifts in the remaining 30 seconds as possible. I got to 90 kilo but failed 100. Then I did 16 lifts in the remaining seconds. I am happy but also kind of gutted because I KNOW I could have lifted the 100 and I want to do it again!!!!! But, it will have to do for now.

As for the shoulders……about six weeks of no working out and the wall climbs and over head lunges practically had me crying.

So do I feel sorry for myself because it is so hard? Or do I think…I got fitter before so I can carry on and get fitter again now….? I am aiming for the latter but the former is quite appealing.

Give me some motivation people!

How do you cope with these things?

I need help. And not just to lift my t-shirt over my head.


3 thoughts on “Deadlifts and dead shoulders

  1. you got this. keep going and you will get back to the strength you were at in no time. It took me some time after my injury, but now I feel back in the game. I also am a lot more cautious and not worrying so much about how heavy.

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