Confessions of an Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition – Aholic

It’s true. I. Can’t. Stop.

In one week I have watched 8 episodes. Yes, EIGHT. I blame my American friend who I banged into the other day: we went for a beer, chatted about all sorts of things and suddenly she starts talking about this ‘amazing TV show’ that she shamelessly loves. Now, I HATE reality TV. I really dislike it, I mean…

Big Brother? Why would I want to watch a group of stupid people saying stupid things whilst living together in a house doing stupid taks? Then the dumbest one wins money, gets a boob job, is in trashy magazines for about a year before getting fat, getting thin again, making a work-out DVD and disappearing into oblivion.

I’m a Celebrity (yeah right) get me out of here? Oh look…that glamour model is eating insects, she can’t be that bad after all, she must just be like the rest of us. Oh look, that guy that got famous going out with that girl…you know the one, she was in that soap opera for a while..well he has his head in a box full of scorpions he obviously isn’t such a tool after all, I hope he wins….?!?!?!?!?! wtf???

But. CAPITAL BUT. For some reason I get obsessed with weight loss programmes. I can’t help it, they totally sucker me in – I love them. So when I heard that this one followed the people for a whole year I was very excited. That was always the thing about fat camp shows – they didn’t follow them long enough. You never saw insane transformations because in three months you can’t exactly lose half your body weight but this one….this one is The Daddy of weight loss reality shows and I may need to go to rehab to stop watching it.

ADDED BONUS: Chris Powell is so damn hot. I don’t even like blonde guys as a general rule but I may be in full on stalker, I love you mode. (don’t worry Chris, I don’t live in the States, you’re OK for now)

Picture the scene: A 460 pound man is currently sweating his a*se off in the gym, beautiful Chris is shouting encouragement to him (NOT shirtless I am afraid) while I sit on the sofa drinking wine and eating ham flavour crisps.

Now tell me…..What could be better than that?

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!



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