New Future (and some gloating)

Well, I am in Los Alcazares.


It is a town near Murcia in the south of Spain and I am here to become a fully fledged NLP and NLP New Code Practitioner. It is a two and a half week course and I am sooooo excited. I feel like I have been waiting to do this for forever. When I signed up originally it felt like it was years away (only three months) but now that it is here I am super nervous. Why? No idea, I just know that I am. I came down early this morning to get all settled in to the hotel and go to the beach, chill out etc….and apart from a wee nap (this is Spain people) on the beach I just couldn’t seem to relax…..I’m building up to something here, can you tell? Scorsese eat your heart out……


Yes, today is circuit day and the new determined me isn’t going to let a 5 hour train journey, relaxing beach life and cheap wine stop me from going to the gym. This isn’t really all that impressive, I agree….plenty of people work out on holiday BUT if you saw the gym I had to work with you would give me mad props. Seriously.

HERE is where I was going to put the photo I forgot to take.


Let’s just say that when decathlon had their special sale on display items twenty years ago the hotel bought their equipment.

So this post is basically just to say, I rock. Go me. Check me out I killed it even though I had to do a lot of improvising.

On the other hand tomorrow is cardio day and I am going to have to run outside along the beachfront and it is beyond hot here. I walked 150 metres earlier today to get to the supermarket and pretty much soaked all my clothes through. I’m not used to 37 degrees and humidity………here’s hoping it is nice and cool at 7am although I doubt it.

So……I do actually have a glass of wine as I write this, here is to a new, exciting future and a rock hard body to boot.

Cheers everyone!


Have you made any big career changes? How did it go?


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