There’s Always One

….of those guys that walks into the gym totally inappropriately dressed that starts to ‘work out’ and you just wonder what is going on?

Well that was me today: all alone in the gym (or what passes for a gym in this hotel) doing my circuits and in walks a guy wearing flip flops, shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses. I actually thought he was just checking it out for another day until he took off his flip flops and t-shirt and started looking ‘seriously’ at the equipment. At this point I was aubergine coloured, sweating like a maniac and jumping around like a kangaroo on speed but my, what I consider to be, serious working out didn’t deter him from randomly lifting weights, doing half assed push ups and generally being strange WITHOUT WARMING UP. He just got half naked (feet included) and started doing things.. Then after about 20 minutes he left.

And that was that.

Isn’t there always one?

And the shirt taking-off? Really? Really? Why?


Ps. Do these things happen to you too or only to me?


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