Cartagena (the original one!)

So for those of you who have never been and/or didn’t know, there is a Cartagena in Spain. Hoenstly! There really is – look…this is where the picture would be if my hotel internet wasn’t useless

It is really quite nice and has a beautiful, old, Roman theatre and since I had a day off from my course I visited it with my friends.

I should probably mention at this point that Tuesday was kind of a challenging day – mainly because we decided on Monday night that it would be a good idea to celebrate the end of module one of our course and celebrating is not something I have ever really been able to do on a small scale. So basically Tuesday morning equalled an immense hangover and an inability to stay awake when in the car, which further resulted in total surprise on my part every time we arrived somewhere. It more or less went like this:

I get in the car
I close my eyes
Ten seconds pass
I open my eyes
We are there
I announce very loudly “we’re here!!!”

Best. Car. Journeys. Ever.

If it wasn’t for the fact there were witnesses to the contrary I would be sure I had harnessed time travelling ability.

Let’s just wait and see how my five hour train journey works out next week.

Anyway…how I digress. We went to Cartagena which whilst quite pretty is a little small and so promptly time travelled to the beach nearby which had beautiful, clear blue water. I stared at fish, I swam around, did a good Little Mermaid impression, ate an ice lolly then had two beers, felt much better and we went home.

When I get back to Madrid and my marvellous fibre optic internet I will show you all some photos. In the meantime I will continue to curse and throw things whilst trying to upload to the blog.

And my final point is……….

Still sticking to my workouts even though I am in a hotel with an ancient gym and in classes about 11 hours a day. High five to me?

Well, tomorrow is sea swimming first thing so a girl needs to get her beauty sleep.

Happy Thursday kids…nearly the weekend!


Has anyone been to the other Cartagena?


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