The Things you Achieve when you DON’T Drink Wine…oh wine, how I miss you.

This is what I decided to do this fine Sunday…….


Create chaos? Start a corner shop? Create a piece for a still life drawing? (Fat chance, I struggle to draw stick men). No no…all good guesses but I was actually trying to create kitchen zen by making everything neat and tidy. And basically stop buying the same things over and over again because the ones I already have, and have no idea I have, are right at the back with the lentils that went out of date in January 2011 (who knew lentils could even go out of date, don’t dried things last forever?)

Now typically, as it is Sunday, what would happen is I would start and then about a quarter of the way through think….’hmmm, I know, I’ll have a nice glass of wine while I do this’. I would than continue until about three quarters was finished and then realise I was deathly bored, hate organising and just shove whatever was left back in and then go to the supermarket the next day and buy another packet of quinoa.

‘Oh quinoa, say hello to aaaaaaaallll your little brothers and sisters here at the back of the cupboard!’



A Christmas miracle in January.

Ok, I should confess that the real miracle is that I have not had a sip of booze, alcohol, sweet, sweet wine…ooooh wine, how I love you, come back to me….. Oops, sorry, zoned out for a minute there. YES……I decided to quit drinking for thirty days. No, I am not doing ‘dry January’ I actually had never even heard of it (that should really tell you all you need to know about me) but decided on a whim that my tiny liver needed a nice, wee rest. And that is what is is getting. I am now on dry day 18 and it is actually not too bad, I mean my chocolate chip cookie intake has gone up by about 1000% and I look lovingly down the wine aisle at the supermarket but other than that it is just great. I may actually just keep going for a few more days when my final dry day is done.

Or you’ll find me rolling around on the floor in the wine aisle, hugging bottles of Rioja. It could go either way.



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