Chilli Flakes, Marry Me?

Hello beloved readers!

Here is a random fact for you – today is Sunday and I am not hungover! Whaaaaaat? I know! I went dancing last night until 4.30am and today I feel fine! Christmas miracle? Nooooo, it is only the 30th of November – I think it is because I danced my ass off all night long. Fun times.

So in my Sunday non-hungover-productivity I have made my lunch and dinner and lunch for the next three days…..unbelievable! Literally the most organised I have ever been in my life (and I am a PA, alarming? Perhaps). So I thought what better to do than take loads of (very similar) photos of it and share it with you all……..


Stir fry central. It all starts with a lot of garlic and ginger…..


And then my new, personal favourite, coconut oil……


I almost feel like this should be a song, don’t know why, maybe if have had too much sleep.

Anyway, moving on. Then you add in a delicious mixture of prawns and salmon……


Cook it for a little while and then whack in the stir fry veggies. I wanted to add in water chestnuts but I realised I don’t have a tin opener so that went straight out the window…oh well, next time……

Then, the master ingredient – CHILLI FLAKES (dun da da dun….trumpets, music , drumroll). I have a serious dependency on chilli flakes. Seriously, I would actually put it in my cereal if I ate cereal. My family are terrified of my addiction – they like it when I cook for them but as soon as I move to even look for the chilli flakes it is like they turn into commandos and just appear out of nowhere screaming ‘nooooooooo and I feel like this happens in slow motion. Maybe it does maybe it doesn’t. The point is, yes I did actually have one, add chilli flakes – maybe just not as many as me unless you actually enjoy that sensation where you think ‘a Shake more of the chilli jar and I would be calling the fire brigade right now to use their power hose on my burning lips’.


Then you just add in your noodles, stir it all about and that is it! I just ate it and it was delicious, I am not lying.


I also made the exact same thing but with chicken which is also yummy. I love how the coconut oil makes it a little bit Thai tasting.

On a totally different note, a friend of mine challenged me to list my top five workout songs and I was really, really stuck. It was so hard. In the end I went for:

DMX- Up In Here
LL Cool J – Phenomenon
50 Cent – In Da Club
Ice Cube – You Can Do It
J Cole -God’s Gift

Even now I can’t stop thinking about what revisions I would make.

Anyway, tangent over – take another look at my delightful stir fry…….


And that’s all folks! Have a wonderful Sunday!


So what songs would you choose?


Happy Summer Juice

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm, this is what I am drinking this morning, made by the lovely Mama….


4 oranges
1 beetroot
1 lemon
Chunk of ginger

It made the two yummy juices ( by the time I thought to take a picture I had already been sipping away, happy as Larry)

what juice are you drinking this Sunday?

Today I am sad cos my Dad has left but I am also happy because I got to spend two months with him and now I will get to see him again at Xmas! Yippeeeee.

I may go for a nice stroll along the river in the sunshine now….who knows? The world is my oyster.

Happy Sunday!


White Wine, Green Juice, Pink Nails



I don’t know about where you are but here there is perfect blue sky and at the moment it is about 25 degrees and by lunchtime will be 35 and I will be absolutely roasting. I don’t know how I will cope (again) in July when it is 43 some days! (I’ll drink beer outside on the terrace is what I’ll do). So in honour of the mega sunshine I decided to do my nails bubblegum pink this morning. Actually, I drank green juice while my mum painted my nails – genius maneuvering on my part if I do day so myself although last night we went to my favourite bar and drank quite a lot of white wine so it is really a miracle she painted my nails and not my entire finger (her hand was a little unsteady at points and I regretted not having made us bloody marys). However they turned out quite well I think and are nice and summery which was the main idea.

So….enough rambling….here is what I grabbed out of the fridge this morning for the juicing:


And here is how my RANDOM SUNDAY JUICE turned out:

warning: it looks much less tasty than it actually was.



I am such a small child. I love the hands and make everyone shake my ‘hand’ when I use it, or I ask if they’d ‘like a hand?’ Yes, loser, I know but what can I say…..I find it really amusing.

Right, I must drink my coffee now and get ready for lunch. More wine? Oh no, what a disaster.

Happy Sunday!



Hello kids!

How are we all on this sunny Monday afternoon? I am exhausted because I had a full on weekend of eating my own bodyweight in Argentinean meat fresh off the grill on Friday night (and washing it down with a tonne of wine all with the most enjoyable company of my folks and my Grampa) then my mates hen do on Saturday night where I dressed like this:



Basically we all dressed as pirates and drank a lot…happy days

Isn’t this blog meant to be about healthy eating and sport amongst other things?

It is but steak is clean eating and everyone needs a bit of deliciousness every now and then (lemon meringue pie)

Now, without further ado or any kind of link from one topic to another…..a girl I am friends with on Facebook has been doing an interesting thing with a 100happydays hashtag, whereby everyday she posts something happy. Not rocket science that one is it really? you’d probably have figured it out on your own but hey, it’s Monday – not everyone will be on their A game. I really love the idea. Not the hashtag part because I’m not sure how I feel about the seventy nine point eight billion trillion hashtags I see everywhere (#getwiththetimesWebster) but the idea is really cool. When I thought about it I realised that while I am a very cheery person I do do quite a lot of moaning and with all the things that have been happening in the world recently to women it is just not on. I have NOTHING to moan about and EVERYTHING to be happy about. I am not saying I don’t have days where things go wrong and I want to throw something against a wall but I have not been abducted, raped, hung from a tree, sentenced to death for marrying a Christian, stoned by my family and the list goes on. So my ankle hurts one day and I can’t run? I bet I still had delicious juice for breakfast or laughed with my friends or sat next to a hottie on the metro. Therefore, from now on I will post one thing that has made me happy every day. Even if it is just one line. I should remember how lucky I am more often and if I’m forced to do it (not that someone is currently holding a gun to my head and making me type, although I do work well under pressure…) then I think it might make me more aware of all the good things around me.

Well that is my theory and I am going to give it a whirl so without anymore rambling I hereby announce the commencement of the non-hashtag happyeveryday hashtag.

Game on!

what good thing happened to you today?
I got a super cool bday card for my Dad!

What? Juicing Again?

Yup…that’s right folks, I am now doing a three day juice detox. Now I…I would have done seven days again but my folks are here and all I could convince them on was three days.

It’s because of the wine.

Or lack thereof. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it would seem. (Grape doesn’t fall far from the vine) Good news for me though because, well, I love wine and delicious food and what could possibly be bad about that?

If any of you actually have an answer to that you are officially dead to me. Honestly, I am actually afraid of people who don’t like wine and delicious food but thank goodness that doesn’t mean they won’t leave me alone like when cats know you don’t like them, or small children.

Anyway, yes, juicing….I was talking about the juicing. And here to finish off my random ramblings are some pictures that, whilst maybe not very appetising to look at, tasted delicious.

Happy Tuesday kids!




Check out the Pulp Muffins


Am I, or am I not, a genius? Well, not really since it was actually Lolly’s idea but I helped…that surely has to count for something?

So I have been AWOL for a while while my big sis was visiting for Easter and we had such a great time. Lolly is a great runner (and generally a fitness maniac – think energizer bunny that never charges down) and so we went out running every single morning that she was here. Yup, that’s right – even on our holidays we got up and went out to the park for a run and while at the time I would say it was somewhat torturous, when we finished I felt great (and then we drank loads of wine). It makes a massive difference to have someone with you who is a really good motivator I think and in three days I chopped a minute off my time…check me right out! I am developing a new love (kind of) for beginning to run again. Instead of the traditional thoughts before/during a run of ‘oh man, this is going to be awful’ ‘this is so hard, how am I ever going to be able to run further than this’ ‘did someone put glue on the soles of my shoes?’ etc etc I now have the following thoughts (and thank you Pinterest for this)




I just have to remember that even if it is hard, if I keep going I will get better and what seems hard now will one day be much easier and progress should be slow and steady! So if I have an awful run, or if it seems like somehow I slipped through a black hole and am actually now running in hell, I try to remember that tomorrow is a new day and in a week from now I will be better! Ohhhh goodness…so much positivity for one blog post high FIVE!

So anyway, I have digressed as usual. I wanted to share our pulp recipe with you all. It isn’t rocket science and to be honest we basically just chucked a load of stuff in Mixie (food processor) and hoped for the best but sometimes randomness works out for the best and they are AMAZING. Here is what we did…..

Emptied pulp from juicer into Mixie (carrot, apple, celery, baby gem lettuce, ginger, broccoli)
Added 3 cups of wholemeal flour
A sachet of baking powder
7 cloves of garlic
A tonne of black pepper
About 2 teaspoons of cumin
About 2 teaspoons of curry powder
A sprinkling of rock salt
Two small pots of fat free sour cream
One egg

We then mixed it all together, put it in little silicon cases and cooked them for about 45 minutes at 180 and they are super duperly delicious……I personally plan to make some hummus later so I can have one with the hummus for brekkie tomorrow a couple of hours after my juice. Highly recommendable.

I hope you make them. I hope you love them.

Now, I must watch Suits. Harvey is waiting for me.


Crossfit YESSSSSSSS and delicious juice!


I am a genius! but more of that later…….

Yes, finally after seven weeks of doing hee haw (as we like to say in Scotland….means not a damn thing) I finally got approval from my physio to go back to Crossfit.


I was quite excited and, not gonna lie, crapping myself. Seven weeks of nothing and then whaaaa bam…..straight into a hard core WOD (because when are they ever not hardcore) and I wasn’t worried about my ankle – I was worried about having a heart attack. I mean, in those seven weeks I did complete a detox but then the last two weeks I also ate and drank a lot…and I’m Scottish so you know I don’t just mean two large glasses of wine…..well….does anyone watch Cougar Town? Big Joe? Not following me? (Google). However, I was pleasantly surprised: don’t get me wrong, at one point my heart was beating so fast I was sure it thought it was at a rave and the thought of one more wallclimb was making it dance faster but I finished both WODs and….before the time was up! Unfortunately, I do feel like I’ve lost some strength but that is to be expected I suppose……so I am only going back twice a week for now until I get into my rhythm again – the last thing I want to do is go hell for leather and end up out of the game again. So mental high fives please everyone! Up high! That’s right….we rock!


When I got back from Crossfit I started to clean the house like a mad lady and suddenly realised I was hungry and I really wanted a delicious smoothie. And I invented the most yummy smoothie ever! That’s right…I said ever!. This is what it looked like in my nice blender:


It is a lot of spinach, a frozen banana, two kiwis, spirulina, a pot of bio yogurt and…..the thing that made it so genius……a sprinkling of coconut!

WHY, WHY OH WHY have I never thought of that before? I feel like I just realised my full smoothie making potential and once I’ve finished this blog entry I’m going to update my CV to reflect this miracle. Have another look and imagine the delicious smoothie party you could have in your mouth if you copied me……..


Break out the streamers and silly hats.


What’s the most delightful thing you ever invented?