Happy New Year…….now help me up would you?

Hello beautiful people!

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a great Christmas and festive season. I am having a lovely time in Dubai with the family. I have been eating and drinking like a man with no arms as we say in Scotland – which pretty much makes no sense but phrases never do – but I have also been running with my sister and to Crossfit. Speaking of which, check out the lovely shoes that I bought for myself!


Oh yes, I also bought that fuchsia lip gloss. 😘

I took them to their first Crossfit class the other day (the shoes not the lip gloss) and they thought it was awesome but since then my muscles have not been quite so excited. My 92 year old Gramps is currently getting off the sofa faster then me and you can tell whenever I ‘powder my nose’ because you can hear me groan as I lower myself (with support from my arms) to a siting position, where I then spend about five minutes wondering if I am too old to shout and ask the Mama to help me back up. Then yesterday, as it was the first of January, my sis and I decided to go for a nice 8km run along the boardwalk. ‘It’ll loosen you off’ she said. LIAR. The first km was agony, I could barely get my legs to move, it was 30 degree heat beating down on us, and then the last two my thighs decided to take a little nap but we made it in the end, albeit for a less attractive final photo than I would have liked, but then who looks good at the end of a boiling hot run!??


The good thing is the sea was a delicious temperature so we went for a little paddle afterwards to cool down. I am trying not to think about the freezing cold Madrid weather I’ll be returning to next week, which normally would be ok because I feel it gives me an excuse to drink red wine (no? Not a good excuse?) BUT I am going to do thirty dry days when I get back to kick off my 2015 fitness mania so there is no wine consolation prize this year. Oh dear. I’m going to have to become productive. SHOCK. HORROR.

Anyway kids, I must be off, it is Daddy Daughter day today and we have a trip on the creek to be getting on with.

I wish you all the best health and happiness for this new year!


How has your festive season been?


Eat, Drink and Spin

It would seem I am a very busy lady these days although I am not entirely sure what it is exactly that I have been doing that has taken up so much time. Probably because it was a lot of this:


And this:


And recently less of this:


Terrible red faced selfie -I am actually completely in favour of selfies but definitely not of taking them in the mirror however, I got back from a very good run at work a couple of weeks ago and since I was wearing my ‘today I will kill it’ t-shirt I thought why not? Go ahead Natalie, take that annoying and far from attractive mirror selfie. You are welcome readers.

(Just to be clear I killed the run, not a living thing…seems obvious but some people are crazy so I thought I better just make that distinction)

So basically, my lack of running is because two weeks ago I went out running and when I got to 4.5km my calf had a hissy fit. The result of its little strop was that I had to limp back to the office and have not been able to run since. Now, my initial reaction was to huff. To go in a giant cream puff of a huff and throw all my toys out my pram. Oh wait, that is what I did! However, I then got over it after a little family pep talk and have joined the budget gym near my house and today was my first day at spin class. I do not enjoy spinning that is for sure but it is good for keeping your fitness up and it will do while I get back into running slowly…..(huff huff huff). They also have really good free weights so I am going to work on my squats (squats hate me) and try to practice pull ups so I can KILL IT (at Crossfit – again, just to be clear).

Happy Every Day – today that I have only paid 80€ for a really good gym for three months! Bargain.

Yesterday I was happy because I had Sunday lunch with the family 🙂

Right……time for bed!

Happy Monday!


What do you do when you get injured?

Running for MS

Oh, I have been gone for some time but life is just, well, life and getting in the way of me sitting down and typing. It has also been getting in the way of my Shemar Moore/Criminal Minds obsession which, clever old me, brings me nicely to my topic for the day.

HOT MEN. No, just kidding….although I may make that the theme of tomorrow’s post. Today’s topic is running and MS.

How does that relate to Shemar Webster, sorry..Moore, I hear you ask. Well, Shemar Moore’s Mother has Multiple Sclerosis and he has a line of clothing called Baby Girl that he sells to raise money for MS research. The clothes come in all sizes and colours, as do the women he uses to model them. Basically the man is a god. If he was British he would deserve a knighthood. He raises money for charity and in doing so makes all the women that buy his line of clothing feel empowered and good about themselves whether they are a size 0 or a size 20. Check out his web site here

I have not yet bought anything from the website but plan to get a super comfy t-shirt in purple asap. However, I have done something for MS and that was run a 10km in Casa de Campo (huge park in Madrid) last Saturday. Not only did I run 10km, I did it at 9am. Yes NINE AM. I got up at 7am on a Saturday morning and then later turned water into wine. Actually, that second part isn’t true, I can only do one miracle a day.

Here I am with my big sis and friend before the race:


And here I am after:


You may think I don’t look too happy and that is because I wanted to do it in under 59 minutes but we finished in 1.01.10. So I moaned a little (lot) and then my sister gave me a lecture and now I am quite proud of myself. You see, the first person across the finish line took 34 minutes, which is pretty slow for a professional runner and it was because of the giant, giganta, hugemungously enormousness of the hills. Therefore, I am now the PROUD owner of a ‘corre por la esclorosis multiple’ t-shirt and am currently looking for my next race.

If anyone would like to donate new ankles and knees to me that would be great, thanks.

And that, as they say in the cartoons, is all folks!

Happy Friday, may it be full of fun and vino!


Race against Breast Cancer

It kind of sounds like ‘contestant One, ready…’ , ‘gladiator cancer, ready…’ I wasn’t actually racing against cancer exactly. Oh, you know what I mean…..


That is me after the run with my lovely assistant Anna or Mama as I like to call her. For the non Spanish speakers it says ‘Today the girls win’. It was my first race in about 7 years and was a wee 7,3km. I absolutely loved it and now am planning my 10km race.

The only thing about a ‘fun run’ that I would complain about is so many people were walking and stopping to take photos that it took 31 minutes to get over the start line, to the half way point and 16 from the mid point to the end. A slight discrepancy there me thinks, either that or I am actually superwoman.

Now for additional proof: Here I am before……


And here I am after………


No really, that is me, definitely NOT An aubergine in a pink t shirt with trainers on. I swear. I have this terrible condition you see that as soon as I do more than five minutes of exercise I pass immediately from ‘normal’ coloured to a deep purple colour. I am sure many a person in the gym has considered approaching me to ask if I had forgotten to take my heart medication but thought better of it to avoid being covered in the sweat shower I leave behind as I run or for fear it may actually be a contagious condition. It’s not, by the way. As far as I am aware……

Anyway…..run for charity -CHECK.

Apart from that where have I been! I hear you cry! I have fallen in to a deep and all consuming obsession with the TV show Suits. I apologise and fully intend to be back to regular blogging from now on.

Happy Friday kids!


Check out the Pulp Muffins


Am I, or am I not, a genius? Well, not really since it was actually Lolly’s idea but I helped…that surely has to count for something?

So I have been AWOL for a while while my big sis was visiting for Easter and we had such a great time. Lolly is a great runner (and generally a fitness maniac – think energizer bunny that never charges down) and so we went out running every single morning that she was here. Yup, that’s right – even on our holidays we got up and went out to the park for a run and while at the time I would say it was somewhat torturous, when we finished I felt great (and then we drank loads of wine). It makes a massive difference to have someone with you who is a really good motivator I think and in three days I chopped a minute off my time…check me right out! I am developing a new love (kind of) for beginning to run again. Instead of the traditional thoughts before/during a run of ‘oh man, this is going to be awful’ ‘this is so hard, how am I ever going to be able to run further than this’ ‘did someone put glue on the soles of my shoes?’ etc etc I now have the following thoughts (and thank you Pinterest for this)




I just have to remember that even if it is hard, if I keep going I will get better and what seems hard now will one day be much easier and progress should be slow and steady! So if I have an awful run, or if it seems like somehow I slipped through a black hole and am actually now running in hell, I try to remember that tomorrow is a new day and in a week from now I will be better! Ohhhh goodness…so much positivity for one blog post high FIVE!

So anyway, I have digressed as usual. I wanted to share our pulp recipe with you all. It isn’t rocket science and to be honest we basically just chucked a load of stuff in Mixie (food processor) and hoped for the best but sometimes randomness works out for the best and they are AMAZING. Here is what we did…..

Emptied pulp from juicer into Mixie (carrot, apple, celery, baby gem lettuce, ginger, broccoli)
Added 3 cups of wholemeal flour
A sachet of baking powder
7 cloves of garlic
A tonne of black pepper
About 2 teaspoons of cumin
About 2 teaspoons of curry powder
A sprinkling of rock salt
Two small pots of fat free sour cream
One egg

We then mixed it all together, put it in little silicon cases and cooked them for about 45 minutes at 180 and they are super duperly delicious……I personally plan to make some hummus later so I can have one with the hummus for brekkie tomorrow a couple of hours after my juice. Highly recommendable.

I hope you make them. I hope you love them.

Now, I must watch Suits. Harvey is waiting for me.


Another Week of Running, Sister Visit, Wine and Food

The title pretty much says it all….I am a little AWOL because I am hanging out with my big sis Lolly who came to visit for the Easter holidays! We are having a great time of (as mentioned above) running, drinking wine, more wine and eating. Oh, and we also made pulp crackers (delicious) and pulp muffins (garlic party in your mouth)…. Recipe to come soon……

Happy holidays!


A Week of Running

Well hello there! I feel like I haven’t blogged for a while but I have had a really stressful last two days so everything feels like much longer ago than it really was – my week has officially been in slow motion. However, that is all done now and it is Saturday! Yippeeee! And the weird thing? I went to bed at 11.30 last night. On a Friday night. I am now sitting on my (very comfy may I say) sofa waiting for the internet man to come and instal my fibre. I suspect there is a good chance I may still be sitting here in two hours they are that reliable.

And now to the point of my blogging today: I started running again. Under strict orders from my physio to go running everyday I started to go at lunchtime with my work friend and I am loving it. Ok, not so much at the time because it is a very hilly area but when it is over I am thrilled. It is great really because I wanted to get back into running and this has forced me to do it, plus I do it at lunch so I don’t need anymore time after work and I have company. What more could a girl want? The best part is – my ankle seems fine (touch wood). I have even been adding in dance class and Crossfit at night and so far so good. So high five to you running and to you ankle for supporting me so well!

Now I must bake a cake. Yes, really.

Happy Saturday everyone! What are your plans?