Oh Green Juice…..how I missed you…..


Day two back from my holiday and course (which I shall report back on later) And I have missed my juice so, so much. I never want to be parted from it again! I am going to take my juicer everywhere with me in future…..like a giant weirdo with a juicer in their backpack but it is what it is….juice rocks.


Cartagena (the original one!)

So for those of you who have never been and/or didn’t know, there is a Cartagena in Spain. Hoenstly! There really is – look…this is where the picture would be if my hotel internet wasn’t useless

It is really quite nice and has a beautiful, old, Roman theatre and since I had a day off from my course I visited it with my friends.

I should probably mention at this point that Tuesday was kind of a challenging day – mainly because we decided on Monday night that it would be a good idea to celebrate the end of module one of our course and celebrating is not something I have ever really been able to do on a small scale. So basically Tuesday morning equalled an immense hangover and an inability to stay awake when in the car, which further resulted in total surprise on my part every time we arrived somewhere. It more or less went like this:

I get in the car
I close my eyes
Ten seconds pass
I open my eyes
We are there
I announce very loudly “we’re here!!!”

Best. Car. Journeys. Ever.

If it wasn’t for the fact there were witnesses to the contrary I would be sure I had harnessed time travelling ability.

Let’s just wait and see how my five hour train journey works out next week.

Anyway…how I digress. We went to Cartagena which whilst quite pretty is a little small and so promptly time travelled to the beach nearby which had beautiful, clear blue water. I stared at fish, I swam around, did a good Little Mermaid impression, ate an ice lolly then had two beers, felt much better and we went home.

When I get back to Madrid and my marvellous fibre optic internet I will show you all some photos. In the meantime I will continue to curse and throw things whilst trying to upload to the blog.

And my final point is……….

Still sticking to my workouts even though I am in a hotel with an ancient gym and in classes about 11 hours a day. High five to me?

Well, tomorrow is sea swimming first thing so a girl needs to get her beauty sleep.

Happy Thursday kids…nearly the weekend!


Has anyone been to the other Cartagena?

There’s Always One

….of those guys that walks into the gym totally inappropriately dressed that starts to ‘work out’ and you just wonder what is going on?

Well that was me today: all alone in the gym (or what passes for a gym in this hotel) doing my circuits and in walks a guy wearing flip flops, shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses. I actually thought he was just checking it out for another day until he took off his flip flops and t-shirt and started looking ‘seriously’ at the equipment. At this point I was aubergine coloured, sweating like a maniac and jumping around like a kangaroo on speed but my, what I consider to be, serious working out didn’t deter him from randomly lifting weights, doing half assed push ups and generally being strange WITHOUT WARMING UP. He just got half naked (feet included) and started doing things.. Then after about 20 minutes he left.

And that was that.

Isn’t there always one?

And the shirt taking-off? Really? Really? Why?


Ps. Do these things happen to you too or only to me?

New Future (and some gloating)

Well, I am in Los Alcazares.


It is a town near Murcia in the south of Spain and I am here to become a fully fledged NLP and NLP New Code Practitioner. It is a two and a half week course and I am sooooo excited. I feel like I have been waiting to do this for forever. When I signed up originally it felt like it was years away (only three months) but now that it is here I am super nervous. Why? No idea, I just know that I am. I came down early this morning to get all settled in to the hotel and go to the beach, chill out etc….and apart from a wee nap (this is Spain people) on the beach I just couldn’t seem to relax…..I’m building up to something here, can you tell? Scorsese eat your heart out……


Yes, today is circuit day and the new determined me isn’t going to let a 5 hour train journey, relaxing beach life and cheap wine stop me from going to the gym. This isn’t really all that impressive, I agree….plenty of people work out on holiday BUT if you saw the gym I had to work with you would give me mad props. Seriously.

HERE is where I was going to put the photo I forgot to take.


Let’s just say that when decathlon had their special sale on display items twenty years ago the hotel bought their equipment.

So this post is basically just to say, I rock. Go me. Check me out I killed it even though I had to do a lot of improvising.

On the other hand tomorrow is cardio day and I am going to have to run outside along the beachfront and it is beyond hot here. I walked 150 metres earlier today to get to the supermarket and pretty much soaked all my clothes through. I’m not used to 37 degrees and humidity………here’s hoping it is nice and cool at 7am although I doubt it.

So……I do actually have a glass of wine as I write this, here is to a new, exciting future and a rock hard body to boot.

Cheers everyone!


Have you made any big career changes? How did it go?


Oh..posting twice in a day is rare for me but I just got back from the gym and had to share the best workout compliment I’ve ever received:

Whenever I have been to the gym recently, one of the guys that works there who also happens to be the best spin instructor they have, has been working out too. I see him, I smile, I carry on. Today when he finished his cardio ( I don’t stalk him, he was on the spin bike right next to where I was working out) he walked past me as I was jumping around like a lunatic, trying to get my heart rate back up, smiled and said….

‘What a pleasure it is to watch you workout dude’ followed by ‘if only everyone was like you’


you betcha

Such a nice feeling to think people look at you in the gym and think ‘man alive, that girl is really giving it her all’

So thanks very much trainer guy. You made my day.



BODY: So, you go out last night, drink a lot of wine and the first thing you do when you wake up this morning (with a dry mouth) is put on your workout clothes and plan to go to the gym?

ME: But I’m drinking healthy pre- workout, potassium rich juice. AND made rehydration juice with beet root (for your liver) for when I get back so it’s all good no?

BODY: No comment.

True Blood eat your heart out


How amusing…that phrase with that show….I am currently on the new and last season and I do love it. I’m not gonna lie…..for a while there it was a load of old rubbish but I have stuck with it (mainly because of Erik) and now I just need to see what happens. I. Just. Have. To. Know.

So there it is, my semi obsession plus my delicious juice of the day – which is neither real blood nor synthesised blood you’ll be thrilled to know.

A cheese and mushroom omelette me thinks now and then off to the gym!


Isn’t it just….because look what I just found -without looking for it at all- on the internet (don’t you just love the internet)…….


Shemar Moore!!! My future husband…..ahhhhhhhh, life is good.


You working out today?