Happy New Year…….now help me up would you?

Hello beautiful people!

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a great Christmas and festive season. I am having a lovely time in Dubai with the family. I have been eating and drinking like a man with no arms as we say in Scotland – which pretty much makes no sense but phrases never do – but I have also been running with my sister and to Crossfit. Speaking of which, check out the lovely shoes that I bought for myself!


Oh yes, I also bought that fuchsia lip gloss. 😘

I took them to their first Crossfit class the other day (the shoes not the lip gloss) and they thought it was awesome but since then my muscles have not been quite so excited. My 92 year old Gramps is currently getting off the sofa faster then me and you can tell whenever I ‘powder my nose’ because you can hear me groan as I lower myself (with support from my arms) to a siting position, where I then spend about five minutes wondering if I am too old to shout and ask the Mama to help me back up. Then yesterday, as it was the first of January, my sis and I decided to go for a nice 8km run along the boardwalk. ‘It’ll loosen you off’ she said. LIAR. The first km was agony, I could barely get my legs to move, it was 30 degree heat beating down on us, and then the last two my thighs decided to take a little nap but we made it in the end, albeit for a less attractive final photo than I would have liked, but then who looks good at the end of a boiling hot run!??


The good thing is the sea was a delicious temperature so we went for a little paddle afterwards to cool down. I am trying not to think about the freezing cold Madrid weather I’ll be returning to next week, which normally would be ok because I feel it gives me an excuse to drink red wine (no? Not a good excuse?) BUT I am going to do thirty dry days when I get back to kick off my 2015 fitness mania so there is no wine consolation prize this year. Oh dear. I’m going to have to become productive. SHOCK. HORROR.

Anyway kids, I must be off, it is Daddy Daughter day today and we have a trip on the creek to be getting on with.

I wish you all the best health and happiness for this new year!


How has your festive season been?


I Climbed a Rope and I Liked It……

Taste of her cherry chapstick.  Oh no, wait….that is something else.

I DID IT.  That’s right kids…the elusive rope climb….is now my bitch.  Kind of.

Remember I posted (about ten years ago now) about how I had a whole new take on the world?  And how I was embracing feeling nervous and out of my comfort zone and loving it because I realised I can do all kinds of things I didn’t know I could?

(If you missed that highly entertaining, informative and thought provoking post you can re-read it here )

Well…the first time I climbed a rope I didn’t want to.  I thought, ‘I’ll never manage that, I’m going to look stupid’  and what happened?  I hung there like Tarzan’s 99 year old Granma and as for the looking stupid – with my newfound knowledge I’m sure no one thought I looked stupid except me.

The second time I climbed a rope I had my new mentality fully working and so thought ‘Let’s do this…what’s the worst that can happen?’ and what happened?  I got the hang of how to hook the rope but didn’t get too far.  How did other people react?  Amazingly supportively.  There was a lot of ‘Natalie, you’ve almost got it, you need to do this and that and the next thing…try again!  You can do it!’  I didn’t get much further but I felt good about it.

LAST NIGHT people.  Last night was the night.  I got it!  I can do it!  I didn’t touch the ceiling but I was literally 2 inches away and when I got back down everyone gave me a round of applause!  WHY I LOVE CROSSFIT right there.

So there you have it.  I laugh in the face of the rope (not out loud though, people would think that was crazy) and I am actually super excited about getting to try it again.  My how things can change.

On that healthy note….I’ll head off for my belated, work, birthday lunch.  Mexican food and beer, what could be healthier than that?!?!

Happy Friday kids!


What have you mastered recently that you didn’t think you could?

A Massive Recap

WARNING: this is going to be a very random post and I will talk about aaaaaall kind of non related things…just so you know! ☺️☺️☺️

Wowzer…….where have I been for so long? Poor wee blog got all abandoned but I didn’t forget about any of you and am back now! I must confess, that with everything that has been happening my blogging will probably not go back to its old rhythm but at least I will be back. That’s the main thing, no?

So what’s been happening? Well, remember I was in Murcia doing a course? No? Ok, not to worry I forgive you….. So, I went to Murcia to become a life coach or, more specifically, an NLP Practitioner and Coach and life has not really been the same since. I came back and just felt like everything had kind of fallen in to place. I am still in my day job but setting up my coaching practise and as soon as my website is up and running I will put the link on here in case anyone is interested in seeing what it is I do now.

So what is so different? Hmmm, excellent question if I do say so myself. Basically, I feel the happiest I have in a long time, I feel like I am going in the right direction and I am not scared anymore of getting things wrong or looking stupid. My attitude has just changed like someone flipped a switch. I want to be out of my comfort zone, I want to do the things that made me nervous before because if I don’t it seems like life goes by and you never become the best version of yourself and I want to be the best me ever.

Holy moly, that sounds a bit odd…I promise I haven’t joined a cult (Crossfit isn’t a cult people).

Which brings me nicely to a good old example; I hated any movement you received in squat because, well, squats hate me but when I went to my first CF class after the course I wasn’t scared of it anymore and do you know what happened? I fell over! I tried it with a light weight and I actually did it and so I thought ‘you are amazing Natalie, add more weight’ (I was having a modest day) so I added more weight, tried again and it was too much – the bar went forwards, I went backwards and thank god I’ve been working on my JLo ass is all I can say about that…..barely felt a thing. The best part though? I wasn’t embarrassed, I didn’t care because I tried. I tried something I had always been afraid of and I failed and it wasn’t a disaster and in a wee while from now I will nail that bad boy squat.

So needless to say, I am absolutely loving CF these days. I think about going and at no moment do I think ‘oh, I love it so much I just hope we don’t have to do XXXXXXXX’. I think ‘I wonder what thing I can get slightly better at today’. Which also brings me nicely to the fact that on Thursday they made us do 6 minutes of sit-ups. If you broke you had to do 10 superman, 10 hollow rock and then get back to it. No one broke! Not one person and there was no way I was going to be the only one. So, afterwards I was feeling all smug until later that night….and the next day…..and the next day…..and still today….when I realised I can’t turn over in the night in bed without waking up from the sore muscles…..but it feels kind of good too. Plus, I am doing a lot of this to help ease the pain…….


It seems to be working so I will keep it up. (Do you like how I got my Swiss ball in the picture too?)

And that my friends, is that for now!

Happy Sunday!


Ps.have you ever had one of those moments when everything just seems to click into place?

Cercedilla, such a beautiful place

So….you may remember that a few (ahem ahem) weeks ago I went to Cercedilla with my folks and promised pictures and, well, forgot.

Good news is……I finally remembered! Yesssssssss. So here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. It is basically a little town outside Madrid which is just gorgeous. It also has a very cool adventure/ obstacle course thing in the sky and natural swimming pool but we were just there to look around the town and eat delicious lunch really!






I Love the selfie I took just because my folks look like random photo bombers in the background!

And there you have it…….

On a different note I am just back from the gym and was attempting to do an arm workout but after two days of arm intensive Crossfit I could barely lift my arms up to take my t shirt off this morning so it quickly turned into a squat and ab party instead. I hope I can move them by tomorrow!

Happy weekend everyone!


Deadlifts and dead shoulders

Ok….I have abandoned Crossfit a bit recently, mainly because I was on holiday and couldn’t afford to pay for a month. Sad but true. Plus I had my many injuries but I started back last week nice and slowly…..I am only doing twice a week because I don’t want to go mad and get another injury to add to my collection. And today we did deadlifts which are my favourite.

Every 30 seconds the clock beeped and I had to do ONE lift. They went like this:

40-60-70-75-80-85-90-100. Kilos of course.

When you couldn’t do it you had to run back to the 40kilo bar and do as many deadlifts in the remaining 30 seconds as possible. I got to 90 kilo but failed 100. Then I did 16 lifts in the remaining seconds. I am happy but also kind of gutted because I KNOW I could have lifted the 100 and I want to do it again!!!!! But, it will have to do for now.

As for the shoulders……about six weeks of no working out and the wall climbs and over head lunges practically had me crying.

So do I feel sorry for myself because it is so hard? Or do I think…I got fitter before so I can carry on and get fitter again now….? I am aiming for the latter but the former is quite appealing.

Give me some motivation people!

How do you cope with these things?

I need help. And not just to lift my t-shirt over my head.

Ow, Ow and more Ow

Well well well…….let me start by saying that I am in agony. Yesterday I was all smug and ‘check me out, hardcore Crossfit class after 7 weeks of nothing and I am fiiiine’ and now I think even my hair hurts. I had to squat down to plug in my laptop and I was quite concerned I may need to call 112 (999 or 911 to the rest of the world) and envisaged the embarrassment of a call that went like this:

‘112, which emergency service do you need?’
‘Ehhh, not sure….Fire Brigade?’
‘Is there a fire miss?’
‘Hmmm, not really…not unless my thighs burning counts?’
‘I don’t understand. What seems to be the problem?’
‘I squatted down and I can’t get back up….maybe you could send a strong, hot man to help me?’
‘Please do not waste our time. There are other phone lines you can call for this kind of thing’


I shall be trying to not drop anything for the next few days and then if I do, seriously contemplating how much I really need to pick it up and if I do, I will be bending from the waist very much like George Michael danced when he was in Wham.

Now I must go to the gym and run for 15 minutes as ordered by my physio. I have just bought a Jhené Aiko song that I love called The Worst which I plan to listen to on repeat while I run.

This will be followed by my first dance class since the ankle injury.

HIP HOP dancing……*sigh of joy*

Happy Saturday kids!


What’s your favourite work out song at the moment?

Crossfit YESSSSSSSS and delicious juice!


I am a genius! but more of that later…….

Yes, finally after seven weeks of doing hee haw (as we like to say in Scotland….means not a damn thing) I finally got approval from my physio to go back to Crossfit.


I was quite excited and, not gonna lie, crapping myself. Seven weeks of nothing and then whaaaa bam…..straight into a hard core WOD (because when are they ever not hardcore) and I wasn’t worried about my ankle – I was worried about having a heart attack. I mean, in those seven weeks I did complete a detox but then the last two weeks I also ate and drank a lot…and I’m Scottish so you know I don’t just mean two large glasses of wine…..well….does anyone watch Cougar Town? Big Joe? Not following me? (Google). However, I was pleasantly surprised: don’t get me wrong, at one point my heart was beating so fast I was sure it thought it was at a rave and the thought of one more wallclimb was making it dance faster but I finished both WODs and….before the time was up! Unfortunately, I do feel like I’ve lost some strength but that is to be expected I suppose……so I am only going back twice a week for now until I get into my rhythm again – the last thing I want to do is go hell for leather and end up out of the game again. So mental high fives please everyone! Up high! That’s right….we rock!


When I got back from Crossfit I started to clean the house like a mad lady and suddenly realised I was hungry and I really wanted a delicious smoothie. And I invented the most yummy smoothie ever! That’s right…I said ever!. This is what it looked like in my nice blender:


It is a lot of spinach, a frozen banana, two kiwis, spirulina, a pot of bio yogurt and…..the thing that made it so genius……a sprinkling of coconut!

WHY, WHY OH WHY have I never thought of that before? I feel like I just realised my full smoothie making potential and once I’ve finished this blog entry I’m going to update my CV to reflect this miracle. Have another look and imagine the delicious smoothie party you could have in your mouth if you copied me……..


Break out the streamers and silly hats.


What’s the most delightful thing you ever invented?