I Climbed a Rope and I Liked It……

Taste of her cherry chapstick.  Oh no, wait….that is something else.

I DID IT.  That’s right kids…the elusive rope climb….is now my bitch.  Kind of.

Remember I posted (about ten years ago now) about how I had a whole new take on the world?  And how I was embracing feeling nervous and out of my comfort zone and loving it because I realised I can do all kinds of things I didn’t know I could?

(If you missed that highly entertaining, informative and thought provoking post you can re-read it here )

Well…the first time I climbed a rope I didn’t want to.  I thought, ‘I’ll never manage that, I’m going to look stupid’  and what happened?  I hung there like Tarzan’s 99 year old Granma and as for the looking stupid – with my newfound knowledge I’m sure no one thought I looked stupid except me.

The second time I climbed a rope I had my new mentality fully working and so thought ‘Let’s do this…what’s the worst that can happen?’ and what happened?  I got the hang of how to hook the rope but didn’t get too far.  How did other people react?  Amazingly supportively.  There was a lot of ‘Natalie, you’ve almost got it, you need to do this and that and the next thing…try again!  You can do it!’  I didn’t get much further but I felt good about it.

LAST NIGHT people.  Last night was the night.  I got it!  I can do it!  I didn’t touch the ceiling but I was literally 2 inches away and when I got back down everyone gave me a round of applause!  WHY I LOVE CROSSFIT right there.

So there you have it.  I laugh in the face of the rope (not out loud though, people would think that was crazy) and I am actually super excited about getting to try it again.  My how things can change.

On that healthy note….I’ll head off for my belated, work, birthday lunch.  Mexican food and beer, what could be healthier than that?!?!

Happy Friday kids!


What have you mastered recently that you didn’t think you could?



Oh..posting twice in a day is rare for me but I just got back from the gym and had to share the best workout compliment I’ve ever received:

Whenever I have been to the gym recently, one of the guys that works there who also happens to be the best spin instructor they have, has been working out too. I see him, I smile, I carry on. Today when he finished his cardio ( I don’t stalk him, he was on the spin bike right next to where I was working out) he walked past me as I was jumping around like a lunatic, trying to get my heart rate back up, smiled and said….

‘What a pleasure it is to watch you workout dude’ followed by ‘if only everyone was like you’


you betcha

Such a nice feeling to think people look at you in the gym and think ‘man alive, that girl is really giving it her all’

So thanks very much trainer guy. You made my day.

Deadlifts and dead shoulders

Ok….I have abandoned Crossfit a bit recently, mainly because I was on holiday and couldn’t afford to pay for a month. Sad but true. Plus I had my many injuries but I started back last week nice and slowly…..I am only doing twice a week because I don’t want to go mad and get another injury to add to my collection. And today we did deadlifts which are my favourite.

Every 30 seconds the clock beeped and I had to do ONE lift. They went like this:

40-60-70-75-80-85-90-100. Kilos of course.

When you couldn’t do it you had to run back to the 40kilo bar and do as many deadlifts in the remaining 30 seconds as possible. I got to 90 kilo but failed 100. Then I did 16 lifts in the remaining seconds. I am happy but also kind of gutted because I KNOW I could have lifted the 100 and I want to do it again!!!!! But, it will have to do for now.

As for the shoulders……about six weeks of no working out and the wall climbs and over head lunges practically had me crying.

So do I feel sorry for myself because it is so hard? Or do I think…I got fitter before so I can carry on and get fitter again now….? I am aiming for the latter but the former is quite appealing.

Give me some motivation people!

How do you cope with these things?

I need help. And not just to lift my t-shirt over my head.

Check out the Pulp Muffins


Am I, or am I not, a genius? Well, not really since it was actually Lolly’s idea but I helped…that surely has to count for something?

So I have been AWOL for a while while my big sis was visiting for Easter and we had such a great time. Lolly is a great runner (and generally a fitness maniac – think energizer bunny that never charges down) and so we went out running every single morning that she was here. Yup, that’s right – even on our holidays we got up and went out to the park for a run and while at the time I would say it was somewhat torturous, when we finished I felt great (and then we drank loads of wine). It makes a massive difference to have someone with you who is a really good motivator I think and in three days I chopped a minute off my time…check me right out! I am developing a new love (kind of) for beginning to run again. Instead of the traditional thoughts before/during a run of ‘oh man, this is going to be awful’ ‘this is so hard, how am I ever going to be able to run further than this’ ‘did someone put glue on the soles of my shoes?’ etc etc I now have the following thoughts (and thank you Pinterest for this)




I just have to remember that even if it is hard, if I keep going I will get better and what seems hard now will one day be much easier and progress should be slow and steady! So if I have an awful run, or if it seems like somehow I slipped through a black hole and am actually now running in hell, I try to remember that tomorrow is a new day and in a week from now I will be better! Ohhhh goodness…so much positivity for one blog post high FIVE!

So anyway, I have digressed as usual. I wanted to share our pulp recipe with you all. It isn’t rocket science and to be honest we basically just chucked a load of stuff in Mixie (food processor) and hoped for the best but sometimes randomness works out for the best and they are AMAZING. Here is what we did…..

Emptied pulp from juicer into Mixie (carrot, apple, celery, baby gem lettuce, ginger, broccoli)
Added 3 cups of wholemeal flour
A sachet of baking powder
7 cloves of garlic
A tonne of black pepper
About 2 teaspoons of cumin
About 2 teaspoons of curry powder
A sprinkling of rock salt
Two small pots of fat free sour cream
One egg

We then mixed it all together, put it in little silicon cases and cooked them for about 45 minutes at 180 and they are super duperly delicious……I personally plan to make some hummus later so I can have one with the hummus for brekkie tomorrow a couple of hours after my juice. Highly recommendable.

I hope you make them. I hope you love them.

Now, I must watch Suits. Harvey is waiting for me.


1st of January 5km


Happy first day of the new year everyone! In new year, new determination spirit I went running today and did a wee 5km in purple socks (as you can see above) and was 6 seconds slower than four days ago. However, I am not feeling bad about it since I have recently done nothing but drink wine and eat and I was still relatively fast. I am hoping to do 5km two minutes faster at this time next year…yup, two minutes…I know I have it in me!

So, just a quick post to let you know that I have started the new year with motivation! I feel like I should get some kind of medal, or at least a mention in the paper. Just an idea.

Happy New Year everyone!


How was your hangover today?

Suck it up Webster

Finally it is Friday.  This week could not have gone any more slowly if it had been dragging its feet through drying tarmac.

I haven’t been too happy this week, not gonna lie.  I haven’t worked out since last Friday (party weekend plus sore shoulder) and I feel like a cross between a whale and a slug and I feel guilty.

I am a guilty whug.

AND my singing teacher was sick so no singing, which always lifts my spirits.

So now I am a songless guilty whug.

Dear oh dear.

However, today I have slapped out of it.  I have Crossfit tonight and it looks like a good one.  My kind of WOD:

5 rounds of:

Run 400m (which is down and up a steepish hill)

15 OH squat

10 back squat

5 back press

So as you know I hate squats…well, no…I don’t hate them, I actually love them but for some reason I suck at them….I just can’t physically get ass to grass and I don’t know why….?????  but for some even weirder reason, I find it much easier to get lower when I have weights (preferably back squat)I break parallel but I don’t get low like a ho in a 50 Cent video….this is something that really frustrates me (I would actually LOVE to be in 50 cent video).  I have those moments of ‘well, what is even the point, I try and try and I suck’  then I think well…..whingeing isn’t going to make you any better so get on with it…but it is hard when you feel like the special one in class any time they whip out a squat WOD (which is all the time!!!)  but then I look at my JLo ass in the mirror….ok, unfortunately it isn’t a JLo ass yet but it IS closer to it than before and I think….you’re obviously doing something right, keep the faith.  And while having a killer, sticky out ass would be nice I just want to KILL THE SQUATS and get stronger………..so any advice from anyone else who ever had the same problem as me would be gratefully received.

In the meantime, I will grab my workout gear, put on my game face and try harder.

Suck it up Webster, as we like to say in my house.


When the words wont come or you wont let them

If any of you read my writing page (if not read it now – on pain of death but you know, no pressure) then you will know that I am writing a novel.  Slowly.  So slowly in fact that a stationary snail has probably written more than I have.  So what is my problem? I started writing ‘Three Girls and a Dog’ one day and couldn’t stop and then life happened.  Dance classes and Crossfit and singing and cooking and cleaning and, dare I say it, working, got in the way.  I leave the house every week day at 7.30am and return home at 10.30pm and all I want to do is drink a bottle of wine, watch Cougar Town and sleep until Friday afternoon at 5pm.  Put the phone down…there is no need to call AA.  Yet.  I said that is what I want to do, not what I actually do.  If I was a character in a novel and after page 350 you never heard from me again I would completely do it because characters can get away with anything but alas, I have a real life and real things that need to be done and getting sh*t faced in the middle of the week and not making it to work isn’t really a long term plan.  Not one that comes with private health insurance anyway.

So I continue my journey on the crazy train that leaves on Mondays and returns on Fridays and I whinge and moan about being tired and my friends ignore me because they know as well as I do I bring it on myself.  No one makes me go to all these things, I do it because I love it and I (although it has been proven on many an occasion that I am incapable of it) think of it as multi-tasking; research for my book because man alive do I meet some interesting characters on that train.

So again Natalie, what is the problem?  The problem is the weekend rolls around and do I use all my inspiration from during the week to write write write?  NO.  No I do not.  Am I tired? Yes.  Do I have dance classes and running? Yes.  Do I have socialising to do? Yes.

Are these all just terrible excuses because I am lazy???  YES.

And No.

I feel like jumping up and down, screaming and stamping my feet because I love writing so much but then I get in my OWN DAMN WAY. How can I love something but then deliberately choose to NOT DO IT?  It is something that I am sure a psychologist would have a lot to say about but then I think it is something that happens to writers all the time.  I want to have plenty of money and no work to go to and time to relax and sit down and let the words come to me.  I don’t want to think ‘ok, I’ve got a spare hour at exactly 17.30 – I will write another three chapters’ because that doesn’t work.  I sit and I stare and nuuuh-thing.  But then sometimes, I sit and I stare and whoosh…all the words come at once so why don’t I just do it?  Maybe I am afraid that the words will never come, maybe I don’t like the pressure, maybe I will NEVER KNOW unless I TRY HARDER.  Maybe that is what makes a writer successful – the ability to sit and sit, write nothing but come back the next day for another hour and never give up because they believe that eventually it will work and the frustration will have been 100% worth it.

This weekend I am going to be that person, so fingers crossed I set the heather on fire with my lightening speed typing but if I don’t, hey, there is always the next day.