Workout Of (maybe your last) Day

Man alive. Or dead actually, depending on how you want to look at it.

I haven’t been to Crossfit for just under two months and today I rock up and see all of my least favourite things on the board….pull-ups (uuuuuggghh) front squats ( cry cry cry) and so it goes on.

Now, I know that some of the people that read my blog (thanks btw) aren’t into CF and couldn’t care less about WODs or how messed up our hands are (and you wonder why we are so pleased with ourselves about it too) so I am sorry in advance but I HAVE to share with my fellow Crossfitters how awful (and yet really fun) today’s WOD was. So here it goes……this is what those b*stards made us do:

30 back squat
30 pull-ups
20 shoulder to overhead

30 front squat
30 pull-ups
20 shoulder to overhead

90 seconds burpee box jump
90 seconds double unders

600m run
40 thrusters
20 chest to bar

At this point I’d like you to imagine a monkey hanging from a branch, now imagine it is an old age pensioner monkey that has had two shoulder replacements and you are pretty much starting to understand what I look like attempting to do pull-ups.

Disclaimer: I do not have a tail and/ or am I furry. Just to be clear.

So that was that. I staggered home and am now about to eat my amazing dinner I just made.

Happy Monday kids!

Ps. I have only met my neighbour once…it is inappropriate to go round and ask him to help me get dressed in the morning when I can’t move my arms right? I thought so….just checking. I’ll be working in my PJs tomorrow then.


Happy Saturday WOD!

This morning I was planning to sleep for eternity but alas, at 9am I opened my eyes to a cat standing on my chest and staring at me so hard it was like he was willing me awake (which he succeeded in doing incidentally).  It would have been hard not to wake up in any case since he was also purring like a freight train.

So, I thought oh well…might as well get up, drink coffee and eat delicious poached eggs on homemade flatbread in preparation for today’s Endurance WOD.

Did I happen to mention that I am actually coming to you from the grave today because the WOD killed me.  Yup, that’s right…today I am a ghost.  Here is the WOD reason why:


6 rounds of 30 secs on, 15 off


back extension


500m row

400m run

40 squat

800m run

40 jumping lunges

800m run

40 squat

400m run

500m row

FYI – the 400m run from the box is down (and back up) a relatively steep hill.

It took me 25:30

Halfway through I felt like my legs were made of concrete but Websters never quit.  Ever.  Family rule – so I kept on going and am actually pretty darn pleased with myself.  I am not one to always quote my WOD results on the blog but I think in about 4 weeks I might redo it and see how I have improved.  Fingers crossed I can shave off at least a minute!  who knows.

Then I went for lunch and ate the most delicious things with a big glass of wine.

Not straight after obviously.  I waited at least an hour!


How were your Saturdays?

Suck it up Webster

Finally it is Friday.  This week could not have gone any more slowly if it had been dragging its feet through drying tarmac.

I haven’t been too happy this week, not gonna lie.  I haven’t worked out since last Friday (party weekend plus sore shoulder) and I feel like a cross between a whale and a slug and I feel guilty.

I am a guilty whug.

AND my singing teacher was sick so no singing, which always lifts my spirits.

So now I am a songless guilty whug.

Dear oh dear.

However, today I have slapped out of it.  I have Crossfit tonight and it looks like a good one.  My kind of WOD:

5 rounds of:

Run 400m (which is down and up a steepish hill)

15 OH squat

10 back squat

5 back press

So as you know I hate squats…well, no…I don’t hate them, I actually love them but for some reason I suck at them….I just can’t physically get ass to grass and I don’t know why….?????  but for some even weirder reason, I find it much easier to get lower when I have weights (preferably back squat)I break parallel but I don’t get low like a ho in a 50 Cent video….this is something that really frustrates me (I would actually LOVE to be in 50 cent video).  I have those moments of ‘well, what is even the point, I try and try and I suck’  then I think well…..whingeing isn’t going to make you any better so get on with it…but it is hard when you feel like the special one in class any time they whip out a squat WOD (which is all the time!!!)  but then I look at my JLo ass in the mirror….ok, unfortunately it isn’t a JLo ass yet but it IS closer to it than before and I think….you’re obviously doing something right, keep the faith.  And while having a killer, sticky out ass would be nice I just want to KILL THE SQUATS and get stronger……… any advice from anyone else who ever had the same problem as me would be gratefully received.

In the meantime, I will grab my workout gear, put on my game face and try harder.

Suck it up Webster, as we like to say in my house.


WOD me baby…just let me nap first

Today, all day, I felt exhausted at work.  That kind of tired where you start to think that maybe you should just have bought those glasses with the eyes painted on the front, used them and seen if you could actually get away with it.  Unfortunately, last time I saw them I was not exhausted therefore thought that only a total eejit (as we say in Scotland)would be stupid enough to ever actually try that, so did not buy them.  Man did I regret that today.  I then started to eye the basket of delicious chocolate on the desk directly behind me wondering if that may be the answer to my complete lack of awakeness but opted against it when I contemplated the sugar crash that would then ensue a little later.  This was not easy, as I’m sure there was actually a real life bunny in a skirt dancing in front of my eyes chanting ‘Cadbury’s chocolate…mmmm so yummy’.  No joke, that bunny is a bitch.

Note to self: bring a little tub of almonds to work in future for these moments or suffer at the hands of the Bunny Temptress.

Note to self notwithstanding, I think today’s problem had more today with last nights physio and also my terrible night sleep (including dreams where I was in a group exercise class that consisted of us lying naked on the floor in a library like we were upside down turtles…….take that Freud!).  Basically, my sore arm is really a sore shoulder/trapeziums and last night my physio tortured me for an hour and a quarter, which culminated in him sticking black tape on my neck and telling me I might feel slightly more tired than the norm tomorrow (which is today…just to be clear, I’m so helpful).  Had I not had dreams more random and incomprehensible than that movie ‘Inception’ I may have only been slightly more tired but add the two together and Wha Bam!

However, I decided that the best way forward was to go to CF, do the WOD and then go home and make delicious tuna and veggie fajitas with homemade corn tortillas, lick my fingers, smile smugly and go to bed.  I am currently in between the smiling smugly and going to bed, in case you were wondering.

So today’s WOD……badass…loved it, although only now it is over.  This is what we did:


2 hang clean – 2 split jerk

1 set each at 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%

2 sets at 85%

I did my 85% at 30 kilo because as I mentioned the other day I’m trying to get better form in squats (they just don’t like me)


2′ max metre row

2′ box jump

2′ DU (I suck at DU)

2′ KB swing @16

2’SDHP with KB@16

30 secs rest between sets, including last set then


10 burpees

20 press ups

I am not kidding – there was a moment when my heart was beating so fast and sweat was running into my eyes that I wished I’d eaten the chocolate.  Just in case it was my last day on earth.  But then it was over and I was so, very pleased with myself.

Now I am going to turn off my laptop, slither to the floor and crawl to my bed.

Happy Wednesday.  More than halfway.


Crossfit WOD plus Cool New Product


I think I might have mentioned that before.  This weekend the box was shut because it was another holiday in Madrid – I don’t know but I’m guessing something to do with a virgin, seems to be the standard reason.  So today I was super excited for class and it was a good un!

First up – Max Squat Clean – I’m not gonna lie, i’m not very good at it – I come up too high apparently.  So with the aim of improving technique I stayed at 35 kilo.

Then the WOD.  7 minutes ladder (1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4, etc)

thruster 20 kilo

shoulder to overhead 20 kilo

knees to elbows

2′ rest

7 minutes reverse ladder.

I actually made it back with a minute and 13 seconds to spare but my shoulders were killing me. (I’m still having a bit of trouble with the pesky tendonitis or I might have increased the weight a bit)  It was great though and as usual, I had sweat running down my face like someone had just hosed me down.  Then if you add to that the fact that I went a bit chalk crazy and go very red in the face when I work out, I basically looked like I’d been at a face painting event and come running in from the rain.  Terrific.

SO anyway…I cam home and made myself this delicious dinner!


I actually added a whole lot of hot sauce to it as well because I like it to be like a spicy party in my mouth.  The genius part of the whole dinner was though, that I got to use my brand new POACHETS!  They sell them in Lakeland and they are amazing!  They are basically little pouches that look like tea bags but they are open at the top.
15206_3You sit them in a cup, crack the egg into it, close the top over and put them in the water!  Your egg stays nicely together and then after 6 minutes you just slide them out and onto a spicy hot bed of avocado!  Absolute genius.  I have complete invention envy.

So that’s that.  Monday done and aside from the whole having to work (what is that all about?!?!) it was pretty good!


How were your Mondays?  What’s your favourite invention?

Total lack of Sensible-ness and Guilt

Dear oh dear…I am my Father’s daughter and my Sister’s sister (that one doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?)

I have the cold.  A swollen throat, blocked ears, generally feeling exhausted and to add insult to injury (har har har, pardon the pun) I seem to have hurt my arm.  Yet, I am feeling sad/guilty about not going to dancing and Crossfit.  This delightful personality trait is one that I share with my Dad and big sis.  They will both tell you that that is not true but deep down inside they know that it is.

it is NOT fair.

I eat clean, I work out, I stretch, I should be invincible.  Or at least be able to hear really, really well.

However, as a mere mortal I suppose that these pesky things happen every now and then.  Now, normal people (yup, sorry all other Crossfitters who may be reading this, plus Dad, plus Lolly – this does not include us) would say to themselves ‘oh dear, this sucks.  Better get some rest and I’ll be fine by next week’.  What do we say???  the following:

noooo, no, no, no….I checked the WOD this morning and it looks amazing, I can’t not go…maybe I could only use one arm?

I’ll just go at 70% effort in Spin class later…

Ok, I’ll just stop when I get to 10km…

Do NOT deny it other crazies…you know who you are and you know that I am right.  How do you make other people understand that it is verging on devastating that you cannot go and do the thing you love? and that one week feels like one YEAR in these circumstances?  You can’t because, dare I say it, we are mental and they are not.  They are right and we are wrong (kind of, I cannot fully accept it yet).

So what is the answer to the problem? No, seriously, that isn’t rhetorical…what is the answer?

My plan is the following…feel bad about it, prod my arm repeatedly whilst muttering ‘stupid arm, stop hurting’, complain incessantly to anyone who will listen, run out of tissues and then hopefully in a week I’ll be back in the game.

I never said it was a cunning plan.

I welcome all sensible suggestions below and yes, I have already thought of getting a new, bionic arm but I just couldn’t cope with all the beeping at airport security.




Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Crossfit


The word either instils joy or fear in you (or maybe a bit of both depending whether you have started your WOD yet or not) but I am happy to admit that I am an addict and I don’t want help.

1. It is never the same twice

2. It is hard (gigangta understatement) but progress comes quickly (unless you are me and you are talking about squats…they hate me)

3. I always look forward to it

4. Everyone there is encouraging and supportive

5. The only competition is with yourself

6. You discover you can do things you never thought you could

7. None of the girls do their hair or wear make-up to work out ( up there in my top five pet hates – I may dedicate a whole post to this later such is my annoyance)

8. I always leave feeling completely high

9. In two weeks I went from girlie press-ups to real press-ups

10. Without any other training my running has improved 300%


So there you have it.  It might seem a little like torture and full of weird code words and exercises you’ve never heard of but I guarantee if you try it once, you’ll want to go back (unless you don’t like exercise in which case you will probably cry, run out and start an anti-Reebok campaign).

Now I’m off to check the WOD and maybe panic a little.