I’m not published but I am a writer!

I have loved books and writing since I was little.  When I was in high school I wrote lots of short stories and poems.  Strangely, it was never something I considered pursuing as a ‘real’ job and my writing filtered out to almost nothing once I headed off to university.

Now, I said ALMOST nothing.  I carried on writing poetry and have accumulated quite a collection which I am about to publish on Smashwords any day now.  I like to think of it as poetry for people who don’t think they ‘get’ poetry and poetry for people who do.  Some of it rhymes, some of it doesn’t.  What it shouldn’t do is leave you with that feeling that I sometimes get when I read a piece of poetry – like I just finished physics 101 and was asked to read Stephen Hawkins’s most recent paper! I try to keep it simple, that’s just my style and hopefully, some of you will like it.

So if anyone is interested in reading any of my work, check back in a couple of weeks and I should have posted the link to let you spend all your hard earned cash on my book, thus keeping me in the lap of luxury! (just kidding, it will be 1.99 cents!)

As far as writing, writing goes, as in novel writing, I’m all over it.  Well, I’m kind of all over it.  Ok, I was more under it for a while.  Let’s say I had a rocky start.  The thing is, I was approaching it all wrong.  For years I was trying to write something that I imagined would win me the Booker prize, trying to force a style that just didn’t come naturally to me.  I wanted to be Raymond Chandler or Elmore Leonard but then one day I realised that, while I could read those books til the cows came home, I couldn’t write them.  That was the day I sat down and started to write in my own style and that was the day it started to go well.  As many of you will know novel writing takes time and dedication and time (oh, I said that already didn’t I?) so let’s just say it is a work in progress but there is progress so I am happy and I would be thrilled for you to watch this space……….

that’s right…keep watching…….


One thought on “Writing

  1. Writing is not just work, it’s really hard work,especially if you are a perfectionist because every time you re-read the previous day’s few paragraphs, you find yourself dissatisfied and start rewriting. I could have put that better, don’t you think?????

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