Ahhhh, well I did say that at some point I would format my poetry book and publish it on Smashwords and yes, I have finally done it!


And here is the link……   https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/366120

It took a while and a lot of re-jigging and editing but I am finally happy with the result and have been so excited to share it with The World!

Now I get that poetry isn’t everyone’s thing but I would love to be the one to convert you – and I promise I wont do this by turning up at your front door randomly just when you are in the middle of something and giving you a pamphlet – there are no pamphlets on this blog, just maybe a sneak preview…..so without further ado (and in a not so subtle attempt to get you to buy my book), here is one of the poems from my BRAND NEW book ‘Poems that Break the Rules’.  I hope you like it.  No, I hope you love it. Natalie


Your face is a thousand pieces of love,
Like a mosaic without the cracks
But the imperfections that make you real.

I can trace you in my sleep.
You paint my dreams,
With colour I never knew was missing
Shades I have never seen.

Your impression is so heavy,
I feel your every move,
Inside my soul is just a sculpture of you.

We is abstract,
Seen through magic eyes.
Love is art
Artists will never deny.


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